Thursday, December 01, 2005

Americanisation of Malaysian society, perhaps

I was not in town immediately after 9/11

Our nationals were subjected to degrading treatment at immigration check points. Stripping naked was definitely on the menu. The US of A is one such government, another paranoid government was Israel. They were making the case that this is justifiable and necessary in the "war on terror". Wow! Terrer nyer!

I was wondering. During that period ya, were there similar press outrage? Were the Ministers fighting for a say on the matter as well? Did our Goverment voiced a protest and defended the rights of our citizens?

I know one of our men who had to go through the ill-treatment. He was based in the US of A and his work had required him to travel to Israel. Every single time, passing through the immigration check points had meant he had to strip naked, at both ends. After one encounter where he and his wife had to strip naked in front of his children, he quit his job and came home for good.

I had written to protest against torture and ill-treatment in the "war on terror". Tengok2 in my own backyard oso got the same pattern one. Ak eneee!!! Shy only.

Farish A Noor's say on the same matter.


zuhri said...

indeed, there was an outcry but i should interpret it as a silent one. why? maybe because we malaysians are synpathisers and understanding lot. "yelah, rakyat dia 5000 sekali kena bomb, pahamler kenapa diaorang jadi paranoid".

baguslah mamat tu berhenti kerja kat usa. if we don't like it, we don't go there. in france, tudung diharamkan in schools. kalau tak suka the rules, jangan pergi france. kat mesia, uia wajibkan tudung but if you don't like it, u can noise in paliament and the ruling can be revoked. aren't we tolerant lot?

in the case of the chinese citizen, i personally support the police. the strip naked is a procedure if they find it necessarry expecially nak cek kalau simpan benda-benda dalam bahagian sulit. i believe the procedure is conducted in order with women police and all. yang salah is the guy who videotaped the whole thing and distribute it.

a lot of chinese women came here for prostitution and work in vice industry. it's understandable why police and immigration are wary about them.

diaorang buat keje salah, tak buat keje, pun salah. i pity them. although there are bad apples (which can be found in any sectors or industries), many serve the country with full honesty. it's a thankless job, macam teachers.

Erra said...

Body search is a widely practised procedure, I do accept that. But it should be done in a closed environment with the suspect and immigration/police officers only. NOT making a circus out of it; in our case the person with a phone camera (how come he was there to witness and record?) and the Israeli case the man's whole family. That was my contention: treat another human being with respect.

I have nothing against our Police force, I symphatise with Noh for getting banged for stating the fact. Only that in our dictionary we have the word "maruah", "aib", "keaiban", "mengaibkan", hence I presumed we'd understand the concepts - pride, respect, honour and disgrace. How was the recording possible? Why it became a media circus?

zuhri said...

that's why i said. the whole checking procedure is not wrong. the policewoman was not wrong. what went wrong was the negligence to make the room secured, and the personnel who videoed it.

it became a circus because of political reasons, not justice or legislative. everybody wants a piece of it, started to make statements without focusing on the real issues. not being racist, but thr chinese are laughing at us, the police foce who mainly malays.

pardon me, but in this aspect, pak lah has again displayed his weakness. kalau tun, he'll shut everybody up and get down to the roots. as a leader, there are times we can be tolerant, and there are times we have to take the bull by its horns. without taking a strong stand or firm, people will lose respect, like what's happening now.

nobody really bothers about pak lah and what he said coz people know that he cannot make any fim decisions. that's why everybody is still making a circus out of it. pak lah is seen following the crowd, instead of leading the crowd.

with tun, we may not agree with some of his decisions but we know he's willing to stick to his principles or decisions and take the brunt "the buck stops here". that's why people respect him.

Erra said...

Yeah! Our PM and Indonesia's President are very much alike and I'm very afraid.

zuhri said...

one respected senior journalist i know used to say...."hey,i'm not covering the out-going pm"...enuff said what the press thought of him.

i believe this is his first and last term. that's why his son-in-law (kj) is very busy placing people at strategic positions and places to ensure his political career is secured, while najib is busy balancing kj's influence.

they cursed tun for cronysim, nepotism but what i see now is the practise of both in the highest order. and nobody dares to make a noise.

i'm not related to tun or benefit from him directly though i must thanked him for DEB policy and his ultra-malay attitude that have given me the opportunity to be where i am now. kalau pak lah "kita tengok la dulu, kita kaji dan bincang dengan semua pihak".

sorry, i'm beginning to be political. as u can see from my blog, i don't really disccuss it unless being asked.

Erra said...

i'm very much apolitical.

but i did notice the significant environment change since our current PM came into power; am afraid it's not for the better.

i miss writing letters to the PM office and see action taken. yes! the former PM entertained letters from a minute flea like meself.