Monday, January 02, 2006


i'm in love with peterpan, enough said.

thanks izan for temaning me boogie under the rain and leave the stadium as though we've just been to a sawah bendang. mintak mahap yerk kot masa excited wa splash mud to your white track. :op


zuhri said...

ayooo....what happen to john legend? sudah dump dia ke?

elly said...

happy new year!!

Izan said...

maryam, always my pleasure.. and I had a blast that night also.. though last nite i felt like I was down with fever after our BPC trip..

so.. what shall we do next ya? any interesting outing/event after this? count me in anytime (if time permits).

Erra said...

john legend kekasih awal dan akhir

peterpan is a different love, adore love

there's different sorts of love around pe?

Erra said...


baik punya cilok punya pasat ha, last night sekejap2 i gelak bawak duvet sorang2 bergegar2 macam orang gila.

afdlin shauki is a genius! no doubt.