Wednesday, January 25, 2006

cuban crux?

cuban films: a reminder

The Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in collaboration with National Art Galleryrequest the pleasure of your company to the screening of Cuban films in conjunction with the visit of Mr. Sergio Corrieri Hernandez, renowned Cuban moviedirector and actor


National Art Gallery
No. 2, Jalan Temerloh,Off Jalan Tun Razak53200 Kuala Lumpur

Cuban Films Schedule: ( Wednesday, 25th January )
Un Hombre de Exito (A Successful Man) @ 4.00 p.m.
Miel Para Oshun (Honey for Oshun) @ 6.00 p.m
La Ultima Cena (Last Supper) @ 8.00 p.m.

All screenings are free and with English subtitles.

For more information, please contact The Embassy of The Republic of Cuba
Tel: (03) 2691 1066 Fax: (03) 2691 1141

pesanan penaja

key remarks by Fidel Castro Ruz

Dear compatriots:

At the onset of this march on the perfidious and provocative representatives ofimperialism, I wish to reiterate what I said on Sunday in my closing remarks to theheroic people of our beloved homeland, to the noble American people and to the worldpublic opinion. "The United States government is deliberately in pursuit of the following objectives: "First, the release of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, who was trained by USauthorities -Bush Sr. included- and used to perpetrate monstrous crimes against theCuban people. Recruited in 1961, this repulsive character was trained to carry outspecial operations during the Bay of Pigs invasion. He and Orlando Bosch, officiallypardoned by Bush Sr., subsequently received rigorous training to execute despicableacts of terrorism against Cuba. Likewise, he was given instruction to take part inOperation Condor, an international terrorist organization responsible for odiouscrimes against Latin American personalities. He is the mind behind the midairbombing of a Cubana de Aviación airliner, which claimed the lives of 73 people, offthe coasts of Barbados, on October 6, 1976. Taken out of a Venezuelan prison by theCIA on August 18, 1985, he immediately became involved in the dirty war againstNicaragua, supplying weapons to the 'contras' in El Salvador and introducing drugsin the United States in the same planes that brought them weapons. For over fourdecades, Luis Posada Carriles maintained close ties with US intelligence agencies,received financing from various administrations and was used by the Cuban AmericanNational Foundation in attempts to assassinate the Cuban head of state. Efforts bythe current US President, and a pardon signed by Panamanian President MireyaMoscoso, finally secured his release from prison on August 26, 2004. Then, taken toa Central American country under protection from the US government, he wasauthorized to secretly enter the United States. Between March 18 and 20, 2005, heentered the country on the Santrina, a yacht captained by the notorious terroristSantiago Álvarez, a man who, strangely enough, is also being held for weaponstrafficking and gross violations of US national security laws. These are irrefutablefacts. "Second, the current US administration has utterly failed in its efforts to isolateand stifle Cuba economically. But it does not accept this failure, and growsdangerously desperate. "Third, the government of the United States has done everything in its power toplease the Cuban American terrorist mafia, which resorted to fraud, in Florida, toput President George W. Bush in office. "Fourth, President Bush and his administration have committed themselves toimplementing a macabre transition plan in Cuba, an act of flagrant interference inthe internal affairs of our country, which would return it to a state ofbackwardness. "Fifth, the government of the United States has implemented every imaginable measureto deprive Cuba of completely legitimate sources of income. It has made it moredifficult for people to send remittances to Cuba and even, callously, forbidden, ormade it next to impossible, for Cuban-born US residents to visit their relatives onthe island. "Sixth, under pressure from the Cuban-American mob, and as one their next step, thegovernment of the United States is intent on openly violating the US - CubaMigratory Accords. "Seventh: The government of the United States is looking for any pretext to prevent,at all costs, the sales of agricultural products to Cuba, which have been growing,while our country has paid every cent on time during five years, something thatgovernment did not expect from a blockaded nation facing constant aggression. "Eighth, the government of the United States, unhappy about President Carter'sdecision of May 30, 1977, is intent on breaking the minimal diplomatic links whichexist between Cuba and the United States today. The gross acts of provocation of theUS Interests Section in Havana do not and could not have a different objective. "The Bush administration is well aware that no government on earth can tolerate suchan affront to its dignity and sovereignty. "Cuba's attitude, and its response to the empire's provocations, will be entirelypeaceful, but we shall counter the insult with all the strength of our moralfortitude and we shall persist in our determination to fight to the death, againstwhatever act of belligerence of the restless and brutal empire that threatens us.Let no one for a minute forget the oath of Maceo, our Bronze Titan, when he saidthat 'whosoever attempts to take possession of Cuba shall conquer but theblood-soaked ground beneath his feet, if he does not first perish in battle'. I will be witnessing this march together with our spirited children and studentswho, from the Anti-imperialist Square, will encourage our brave and combative peoplethat will be marching today on this perfidious and provocative representation, thesame as they will march on to battle against any aggressor.

Homeland or death!We shall overcome!


Erra said...

i'll go over your office ... meet you at the lobby ... what time's best?

Izan said...


can i meet u somewhere, then we go konvoi. I'm afraid I forgot how to go there.

Erra said...

7:30 it is, see ya!

Izan said...



akak said...

suka tgk gambo kucing tu...perut dia soooo cute. pulak tu boleh terbang2.eeee geram nyer .rasa nak cubit cubit jer perut kucing tu...

Erra said...


jangan cubit2 perut, gigit je hidung diye.

zuhri said...

err...tu sepupu sepapat ah beng ke? kesian dia u baling-baling makhluk cute itew

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

zuhri, i tau u sebenarnya tak baca apa yang maryam post kan? hahaha. tu yang comment pasal kucing kan?kan?kan? hahahahahah lagi.

Erra said...

enche zuhri

tak baik assume macam2 ... assumption is mother of all f*** up

cik puan muda stress

of course dia tak baca + tak try to reply ... he doesn't need to impress me anymore 'cos i already know his true colours


zuhri said...

colours? what colours? impress? do i need to impress u? duniawi sumer ni (copyright anis)

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