Tuesday, January 03, 2006

7 feel good factors

last weekend was a good start to the new year ...
allya made a long distance call just to say hello. she made my day!
a relationship which was going through a turbulent earlier is now showing signs of pulling out ok. that observation of mine made my day!
saw baik punya cilok. that movie made my day!
saw peterpan with izan. sigh! made my day!
saw tsunami photographic exhibition. the message of hope through the images made my day!
read noam chomsky's interview which echoed my theory. that made my day!
found out, after 3-4 months searching high and low for DVD bajakan, finally Pride & Prejudice hit Malaysian shore. that piece of news made my day!

my feel good factor is all time high.

Happy New Year, all!


zuhri said...

u feel lucky today? go ahead....make my day *dengan gaya dirty harry*

Erra said...

enche zuhri

tak faham.....

Izan said...


i m going to complain to allya on ur no. 1 feel gd factor. She forgot bout me!

and no. 2, i really hope that relationship really pulls out ok, insya Allah..

3 & 4.. can't argue more.. double blasts..

maybe i should list down my feel good factor also.. and maybe I should start doing something with my blog.. hahaha.. it's an empty shell still..

zuhri said...

actually, i pun tak paham gak....hahahaha. ada sedikit tak betul pasal tak cukup tido ni

PiN(u/a)Ts said...

i feel good when playing the sims 2.. yeahhhhh!!! hehehe..

teringat kat NTV7 la pulak..

Erra said...

pinat, sing with me!

i feel good, te ne ne ne ne net

move that shoulder, girl

enche zuhri

if you have sleeping problem, carik malatonin. Dr M used to take them to help him battle jetlag.


oops! allya would kill me! please do list down your feel good factors and make it grow

Anonymous said...


Ofcourse I would never forget you... am I getting it right? Ooo Izan ngadu kat reyam ya?!

Erra said...