Sunday, January 29, 2006

List of Racial Discrimination in Malaysia

these are being discussed in the parallel world and things are normally being blown out of proportion due to lack of interaction between both worlds.

an independent body, BBC online news, stated in their "country profile" that Malaysia has "multi-ethnic and multi-religious society encompasses a majority Muslim population and an economically-powerful Chinese community".

malaysia airlines new guy at the helm is a non-muslim and non-malay bumiputera, why not highlight that?

statistics can be manipulated, and the spirit behind some of the government policies was misrepresented.


The list was posted here:


Anonymous said...

I'm still going through the long list. I'm sure there are 1 or 2 blog topics for me in there somewhere!

zuhri said...

too bad, they chose to stay in malaysia. if they're unhappy, they'd be more than welcome to return to their mainland china and india. let's see whether their fortunes would be better there.

they should have also listed despite whatever special rights given to the malays, the economy is held by the non-bumis. i'm sure that there's a statistic on the income per capita for each race, the number of millionaires for each race, and the number of still below the poverty line for each race. then, the view presented will be more balanced as the special rights given is to balance the sentiment or malaysia will be racial sensitive like in india and indonesia.

i certainly hope the bumis are not easily duped by this half-truth statistic, and feel guilty

Erra said...

x-eyed jules

have you found one yet????

enche zuhri

i'm not trying to incite hatred against our fellow malaysians. just that i want us to be aware of what the other malaysia is whispering about.

we were economically discriminated against, hence article 153.

after 150 years, the american blacks are still crawling. after 5,000 years, the jews are now sprinting. peeps expect the bumiputeras to be sprinting after 30 years. peeps must think we are super sapiens!!!

zuhri said...

i love my non-bumi friends, but at the same time i want them to know that we are not fools who they think we are