Saturday, January 21, 2006

broken children?

yesterday, an old friend who i've not seen for ages rang and told me that he needed someone who listens. brilliant! a code for, "hey perempuan, i need to nick you for a bit so that i can entertain you with my problems". yup! when bogged down with baffling situation, only then i get to see these friends. i was like, "sure we can meet for a bit". with that i dragged my feet to the famous mamak spot i'm sure you know which.

his problem? typical...

i felt like shoving my pair of flip flop (not the red Gap, definitely) down his throat.

i mean he and his wife are blessed with the cutest boy one could ask for. like many other parents, selfishly they embroiled themselves in "adult fights" forgetting that there's a little person hurting. don't assume that if you do the fighting in your room or outside, your children wouldn't know, often they do.

i've done voluntary work with children from broken homes and i've seen the damage parents do unto their children. and i've got friends who as adults are still bleeding from watching how dysfunctional their parents' relationship were. one friend, at the age of 31 is still reliving over and over the trauma he experienced up until he was 15, after which his parents split, the wound is still sore. he doesn't believe in marriage now.

even the band, papa roach, are deeply hurt and outraged by their dysfunctional families, what is amazing is how profoundly they feel about their youth experiences in the midst of their current success.

in their song "broken home" they expressed grief at an absent father. everything from crime to emotional instability rises dramatically when the father is "never ever there". the value of a father in a child's life cannot even begin to be expressed. it is no coincidence that most juvenile delinquents were fatherless growing up. single mothers can raise up great children with a lot of hard work and love, but there is no replacement for a strong, caring male in the household.

if musical groups are now singing such heartfelt songs, how many thousands of them children must be feeling exactly the same way? without, of course, an audience that cares to listen.

you bring life into this world, with it comes responsibility. (psst! pinat, a good excuse not to have babies?!)

so parents, listen up, this kid who hasn't eaten enough salt has got something to say. do everything, everything in your power to give your children the best you have — time, love, patience, listening ear, or whatever else they need. they need it. they want it. if there are problems in your hubby-wifey relationship, don't laa amplify, try to solve it amicably, kesian us children. *wegra tengah perasan children, perasan cute*

mama! bapak! where are you? you two go dating, you leave me at home alone with the cats! uhuk! uhuk! uhuk!

*gambar ibubapa prihatin sebagai perhiasan*


Dear friends,

We are continuing to collect signatures for the petition on the Islamic Family Laws as it is far from over!

You have heard by now that the Cabinet has put on hold the gazetting of the Islamic Family Law Act (FT). While this is good news for women in theFederal Territories , women in 12 other states continue to be subjected to these amendments, which were made to their respective Islamic family laws over the last few years. Also, women throughout the country continue to face hardship and injustice due to many other discriminatory sections in the rest of the Islamic Family Laws.

The passion, commitment, support and action of many Malaysians created the significant and historic Cabinet decision. So, let us keep that momentum going because this is only just the beginning and the demands are as urgent and valid as ever. We need to ensure that the government hears our collective demands for a Muslim Family Law that is truly just.

So, do sign on and forward this to your friends as well. We sincerely appreciate your support.

1. The link for the petition on-line is

2. If you would like an email address to communicate with, theaddress for this petition is

Warm regards,

Toni Kasim


Izan said...
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zuhri said...

eerr...what happened to the lyric entry? cam biskut lak

lady_bugs said...

erra: i feel sad reading this, e loneliness of a child.. e happiness thats taken away... bilakah semua ini akan berakhir???

Em said...

Ola Era

Ur posting is true it takes a lot for a child to forget...memories of the past sumtimes turn in to deep scars..

Another Papa Roach song's Scars is is my mantra

The lines I bleed myself open.I sew myself shut..Scars reminds us that the past is real..

That songs exemplfies how I feel at times...

Sum ppl ada anak isteri dey persia-siakan... Entahlah in my hearts of hearts I knw that Allah is tellin me that if u do eventually have a family do not behave dis way..

Anyways my 2 cents worth...Take care der...

Anonymous said...

Broken Children?
In the first place, it's a broken world...


Erra said...

izan darling

don't worry, dear. you guys would be fine. errr ... i'm not pretending to be single and i don't intend to ruin anyone else's relationship. you firing me ka? :op

enche zuhri

for you, i'll repost the lyrics


everything starts at home, we sedar we start with our children, hopefully the other half share the same kesedaran. :o)

em dear

you listen to papa roach as well? their songs are really... especially if you are familiar with what they are talking about.

you too take care. *hugs*


a broken world we live in, indeed

Erra said...
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elly said...

cantik your gambar perhiasan! ;)

On a serious note, yes i do feel for your posting too weg.

Erra said...

about izan

*to them who caught a glint at my post to izan*

Russian KGB didn't delete her memory. She's actually still under cover. Oops! Permission to abort ...

lady_bugs said...

yups erra.. everything starts at home.. every single thing!! famous tag yg patut diwajibkan: "Baiti Jannati"

Erra said...


haiks! i baca buku on islam in english ... they kurang quote arabic words like malay books do ... they kupas2 concepts, analyse etc ... amende tu? :op

Erra said...

thanks, enche zuhri

zuhri said...

rumahku syurgaku

anis daud said...

topic sangat berat. sangat berat.