Tuesday, February 13, 2007

isi rimba

the journey to adib's birthday party last sunday proved to be the most challenging journey to a two year old birthday party. at one point, i saw my car tyre rolling right on the edge of the cliff, whilst crossing another car. my heart went tergolek-golek off the cliff. (dyd, sampai hati bully kitorang cam tu ... nasib baik ada widie who took over the wheels on the journey back, otherwise i'll berkampung in the rimba)

unfortunately, as soon as i got off my car + did a drama swasta to the car park attendant showing off my trauma having to drive through the small 'denai' off a cliff, i got all smitten with isi rimba's charm. demmit!

i loved isi rimba, i loved the birthday party but i wasn't happy for being discriminated against. there was a game for husband + wife teams, being the only *cough* kakak around, i was asked to 'bibik' widie's zana.

a babysitter for hire ... anyone? someone? :op

i planned to timber into the stream, imagining a massive splash. alas, them peeps in the sungai were all 12 and below. them 20 and above were all lazing about having serious intelligent adult talk. with heavy heart i pushed my swimming 'kit' under the car seat. :op

last night i was discussing the fact that there's only 1,000 police officers in petaling jaya, taking care of 1.5 million population with my sister. she suggested maybe the national service 'graduates' could assist the police in case of blood diamond like chaos. i told her that during my younger days, i shot guns, i did bungee jumping, i went rock climbing, i went hiking + slept in hutan + all, but on sunday i freaked out when driving to isi rimba. she commented, "that's a sign of old age". ouch!

word of warning to all parents: if you invite me to your kid's birthday party + you want to give me one of them yummy party packs (i love them, i want them), make sure i'm not holding or carrying a child. in isi rimba, i went all excited when dyd handed me a party pack, i forgot i was holding imtiyaz + he fell. oops ... sorry nina!!!!!

now, gambar time...

sekian, terima kasih.


Anonymous said...

'KaKaK' Wegra!Me sorry to let u try out ur driving skills..and, fortunately, u PASSED!Congrats..hahahha..btw, nice shots..me want MORE!!!!

p/s: other mommies -> really have to take note on the 'PARTY-PACK' incident.. :)

cpj said...

bibik weggie!! ada gayalah u :p

another sign of old age, can't drink coffee after 4pm. :p

TunaTurner said...

so wot will happen if u drink kofi after 4?

Anonymous said...


passed?!?! never again ... trauma ok ... drive balik pun slow je. harks!

i pun terkejut @ party pack incident. :op


serious? ok people, hear that. maka, sapa nak babysitter, do call.


ha ah ... what happens if you drink coffee after 4? (for not knowing does that mean i'm not that old yet?)

The Momster said...

u r lucky im one of those moms who thinks falling down is part of growing up... hahaha...

mak2 semua, next time be careful when giving party pack to 'kakak' wegz ok??

mental muz said...

party in the jungle way to go! that i have to try yeahhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...


ampun ye? terkejut ok tengok imtiyaz jatuh ... lucky he didn't cry ... harks!

mental muz

nak ikoot!!! tapi i'll need a driver. :op

Imran said...

Oo cupcakes too! Sweet serendipity.

cHikAnoZ said...

isshh.. u so bahaya one la.. dapat party pack terus lepaskan budak..


Anonymous said...


you posted 'em cakes too in your blog? cookiegirl's cupcakes simple, yet classy ... sedap ek?


the second time party pack came my way, i held tight to arina ok ... i learn from my mistakes. :op

Imran said...

Sedap gilaaa! Wish I could bring back some for you to try.

Anonymous said...


please do! on your way to the airport, stop by selfridges + grab them for me ... nanti in klia, i can supir you from the airport if you've got them cupcakes. :op