Thursday, February 08, 2007

sipping at the balcony

sometimes we have to give up a lot of things, or take a lot of risk to pursue a dream. sometimes when we got there we realise that the dreams achieved are merely a different reality. but i guess what matters most is the process of getting there.

and on your way, never forget to take time off to look up at the stars.

i leave you with 'one night only' by jennifer hudson from dreamgirls motion picture


DydD said...

Hey, couldnt reach ur mobile..wut happen? adib's party is this sunday..come will ya????

wegra said...


erk! a lot of drama ... my phone's back on today. i'll be at adib's birthday party alright!

sorry for going missing.

Gravt Kills said...

these days susah la nak nampak stars

DydD said...


mental muz said...

is that u bungee? way to go weggy!

wegra said...

gravt kills

you need glasses kot?


yeay too!!! leh main paintball ngan adib tak? he he he

mental muz

not me in the picture but i jumped after him