Friday, February 02, 2007

thank you

acoustic 'thank you' by dido


dear friends (+ foe, if any)

with truck loads of work to do, deadlines to meet, lovers to please, friends to entertain, bombs + assorted disasters to avoid, there's really not much time we can spare to contribute to world peace, though we should all start playing a part towards global harmony + happiness.

so take your first step towards contributing to world peace - smile + have a wonderful weekend.

ta very much!


naziah said...

that looks fun... wish i was there with you guys...
p/s: actually i'd rather go to Rain's concert with you guys.. hehehe...

Erra said...


if i were to go to rain ... it has to be the RM 700 seats ... i know nada about him or his songs ... but i sure understand his six packs ... errr ... hefle said he looks like shaun, you know which shaun. :op