Friday, February 23, 2007

post traumatic stress disorder

>gambar sedih (hoih! tak de gambar lain laa)<
>photo credit: widie<

i could hardly believe it
when i heard the news today
all the pictures since two years ago are gone
i remind everyone to do back up
ofkos laa i didn't make any back up
otherwise i wouldn't be altering the lyrics, so you see it's true
so tell me all about it, tell me what a bimbo i am for not having back up
then tell me one thing more before i go

tell me how am i supposed to live without them
now that i've been lovin' them so long
how am i supposed to live without them
how am i supposed to carry on
when the catalogue of my past two years is gone


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

i pun tak back up..
so dah dapat tangkap pencopet tu tak?
kalau dapat, bgtau. kita ramai2 gi pijak perut dia.

TunaTurner said...

hard disk crash ke kene curik ni?konpius lah.:p

Anonymous said...

cik pms

back up laa weh ... nanti sedih like me ... rasa macam the last two years dah vanished


kene cilok!

TunaTurner said...

sgt tak mengerti diri ini.

kene cilok camne ni?ur lappie toppie got stolen or sumthin?

*garuk kepale*

mental muz said...

say what???? kasihan la but that picture yg u put up tu lagi kasihan. i betul2 sedih tgk gambar tu, its like i can feel ur misery.... hang in there ok

elly said...

so cute!!

Anonymous said...

adakah anda mengerti sekarang?


thank you muz!

your pictures pun dah tak de


errr ...

*join tiena garu kepala*

The Momster said...

alamak!! gambar ilang??
i need to backup then...

Anonymous said...


kene back up!

don't forget to print + frame your favourite