Thursday, February 22, 2007

hard candy + friends

"4 out of 5 doctors agree, i'm insane" ... in a getting to know conversation, would you think the other party is being funny or telling the truth?

i'm a sucker for tight, clever scripts. intelligent flick flooded with verbal sparring would get me glued to my seat (please don't ask questions then, i'd definitely ignore you, sorry).

hard candy is a two characters in a single setting film (precisely, rather difficult to pull off). hayley, a pixie-cute freckle-cheeked teen girl, in her red hooded jumper resembles little red riding hood pretending to be the bait stumbling into the big bad wolf's trap + planting a breadcrumb trail to play along with the wolf's act.

jeng! jeng! jeng!

a provocative piece, it stirs up serious questions about point of view + empathy.

it is the most disturbing work i've ever seen. it is a sick movie, demented. a lot of people would not like this film; you're left feeling filthy for having seen it. but if you're into a well scripted, well acted drama + are open to the subject matter; pedophilia (through insinuation as opposed to graphic portrayal), do give 'hard candy' a try.

if you need something light yet clever, go for 'lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events'. similar to 'the wizard of oz', it is a film whose driving force is the inadequency of adults, even of good adults (ha! tak terfikir laa tu, gi tengok balik!). movies like them make me want to stay 'kakak', afraid of transforming into the tube of imperfect adults who cannot listen to children's voices, causing them children much pain + frustration (ok tak excuse?).

otherwise, choose 'dreamgirls' for stylo 70s bhajus (during the show, for a brief moment, i was inspired to go back to a UK size 6/8 ... only in that brief moment la tapi)! i love most of deena + effie's bhajus. *drool* do check them out!

we're your dreamgirls, boys!
we'll make you happy.
we're your dreamgirls, boys!
we'll always care.
we're your dreamgirls...
dreamgirls will never leave you!
no, no...
and all you have to do is dream, baby,
we'll be there!

2 comments: said...

nak pinjam hard candy!!!:p

neway lemony snickett's has always been my all-time fave movie.

dreamgirls,ummm belum nengok.
nak pinjam dreamgirls jugak!

hahha :D

Erra said...

ofkos boleh pinjam since now my sister dah tolong labelkan my DVDs "ya's property"