Monday, February 05, 2007

longest weekend ever

not too long ago a pilot was detained by the police for murder. he was getting ready for work, he wasn't allowed to ring + notify the airline. living on his own, imagine the chaos. of course he was innocent, it was a mistaken identity. but since, friends call him 'murderer' anyway. :op

"oii murderer! wassup yo?!"

if you're detained, innocent or otherwise, framed or otherwise. word of advice, break your sim card. trust me on this.

never bring new found friends home, if you smoke it at home. never! even if you feel this new found friend is a best friend material. too close too fast? what's the agenda? flushing it down the loo is the best method, out the window is plain stupid.

take care of each other.

have a good week!

Update: alamak! i'm not implying anything, just a general reminder, since most of them reading that i know are generous + trusting. the best, drop the spliff eh? but if you feel you need to, be smart.


agus said...

haha, kan dah gelabah dah... tarus kasi update.

Btw, i'm curious about the reason for destroying one's sim card. One of the reason i can think of is to protect loved ones, friends and families.

And maybe some obscene text messages... and pictures...

No, that's contained in the phone's memory. said...

jauhi najis dadah yo.:p

Stupe said...

err...sempat ke nak destroy sim card kalau ada raid?

mental muz said...

sedihnye entry kali ni tsk tsk tsk :(

wegra said...


yes ... protect loved ones + yourself ... evidence can be planted. i don't trust the police.

dah jauh yo! ;o)


kalo tak sempat ... buang phone or leave it with someone you trust?

mental muz

glad the high drama ended well