Tuesday, February 27, 2007

kehadapan kengkawan terchenta

(photo credit: huda)


i'm agak terharu ... only a few days ago i posted an update sharing my kesedihan bekos i lost my catalogue of pictures ... i went to my e-mailbox today + saw e-mails of pictures from friends.

thanks ever so much, y'all!

korang gegila best!

and apparently my going MIA, not answering + returning calls made a few friends, old + new, worried. ampun + maaf dipinta! true, i'm in a kelam kabut state but this time round i'm facing a good problem. pray it's a prosperous year for us this year so that i can pay off my debts as well as belanja korang makan sokmo ya! :o)

to "nor ni" + not "nonie" (blur gegila right?) ... 'everybody's free (to wear sunscreen)' by baz luhrmann

i gave muse a miss on sunday, the reason being i perasan busy gegila, planning to do work sunday evening but was later tempted to see stonebay perform (got supir). i missed dinner with my girls too, i'm so sorry (i did berangan to slot you guys in, tapi kereta kene kidnap senyap2). apparently, stonebay has got an australian manager, micheal (who's the maker of junction amps) now + are recording their first album. did not boogie that night because i noticed some changes in their music arrangement, so was busy listening to the 'details'. ok lah, micheal did a good job 'ironing out' their music (but i was not happy with 'perfect love song' ending, i don't find it 'complete' yet).

i have to admit, i used to be a real snob. the first time i saw stonebay was because of cik pms, otherwise, i'd give it a miss. but they surprised me + they have the best drummer as well (when i compare them to their peers).

all in all, i reckon they are now ready for the main stream. watch out for stonebay's first album.

if you're curious, tomorrow night they'll be performing at the laundry.

please, friends who went to muse - shut up!

on sunday, at hartamas square, we bumped into quite a few people who went to muse. general feedback, it was a brilliant gig. i was at the verge of crying, then. i should have gone!

tiena, please don't let me repeat this with kanye west + gwen stefani.

*back to work*


ti.e.na said...


*cepat2 upload gamba and attach to email*


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

eh kalau kak Gwen ngan abang Kanye datang, Stonebay perform pun i tak pegi !!



wegra said...


bagus! he he he

cik pms

makna nyer you gi ke tak tengok stonebay perform?

*bimbo moment*

Gravt Kills said...

i didnt go to MUSE too..ader la frust sesikit je

mental muz said...

that makes 2 of us tsk tsk tsk

wegra said...

gravt kills

if you meet people i met at hartamas + listen to how excited they were ... maybe ada naik sikit frust. :o(


what happened to you, why didn't you go?