Tuesday, May 29, 2007

as a man thinketh

one. we are who we meet; there's us in every single soul who crosses our path in our journey.

two. people are our mirrors; we love or hate people because of what we respectively admire or despise in ourselves.

i guess, before we throw a bitch-fest in honour of someone we loathe, we ought to take a step back to look at ourselves. more often than not, we'll see a glint of us in them we despise. and that's not even the scary part. our definition of another person's behaviour or body language may not truly reflect their personal intention but our intention when wearing that same behaviour or body language.

entah lah ... perhaps not?

what thinketh you?

i have this special phobia of them snobs, does that mean i'm guilty of snobbery + that i donch like the snob in me?

mind is the master power that moulds and makes,
and man is mind, and evermore he takes
the tool of thought, and, shaping what he wills,
brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills:
he thinks in secret, and it comes to pass:
environment is but his looking-glass.

b shorty et caleb cunningham - 'we came to get down'

just so pinat tak kacau my blake, here's chris richardson singing 'change the world'


mummy-o said...

wegz, a very good relective one and two. i like...

PiN(u/a)Ts said...

huhuhu.. tak mau la aku kaco ko punya blake..

thanks for the clip.. like it!!!

wegra said...


i read ho chi minh pesan to his people "love other human beings as you would love yourself". it's a common pesanan but coming from someone the west want us to believe was evil, i took note.

a way to make that possible is to believe one + two ... but at the same time, i somehow see some truth in one + two.


chris suara diye sedap gaks ekceli ...

ti.e.na said...

yes weggy i totally agree (re. ur reply to mummy-o.

it kinda sounds surreal tho cuz not everyone has a good heart and the world is full of hypocrites n jerks n 'female-bashers'(LOL).

so wut kind of mirror are we talking abt here?curved mirrors diminish/magnify you.they can make u look thinner/taller/shorter/fatter.

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

okay i dah confuse.

so, kalau kita ni garang, maknanya kita tak suka orang garang?


abis tu i ni penyayang, takkan i tak ske orang penyayang?


mental muz said...

wow weggy that is so deep. i cant even relate to u anymore :(

ok saja je drama hahaha

wegra said...


i didn’t expand my argument for both one + two because i trust my readers are capable thinkers. hence, at first glance one + two may seem too simplistic but sendiri mau kupas + i’m not saying defining human being is that straight forward.

of course all theories like one + two require ‘ceteris paribus’. therefore i’m not denying the fact that our perception towards others is fashioned by our belief system, past experience and the like; in fact i’ve been saying that over and over.

you’re zooming to two. people are our mirrors; we love or hate people because of what we respectively admire or despise in ourselves. with special mention on negative traits in people.

it’s not easy to hate, loathe and despise someone, right? at least for me … unless you’re one broken + angry soul, it’ll take a lot of whispering, a special brainwashing, a lot of hurt especially to make a person be repulsive to you.

now, cari a common trait, as soon as you see it in a person, you get repelled. next, honestly look within if you secretly carry that trait + you secretly wish you didn’t. last, work at being a better person …

you’d be surprise, after a while that trait in a person, though you may not agree with, would not bother you as much as it did.

do i make any sense?

but as much as i believe this now, i may change my mind somewhere along my journey


cik pms

hoih! baca betul2 laa … (semua orang minat ‘two’ ni, korang ‘hate’ sapa ni?)

two. people are our mirrors; we love or hate people because of what we respectively admire or despise in ourselves.

so … you rasa garang tu elok ke tak, kalo you indifferent … you might not hate people who are garang … but if you secretly wish you are not garang + you secretly hate hurting people when being garang … you may loathe people who are garang

you suka ke tak the fact you are penyayang … kalo you suka … you’ll surround yourself with people who are penyayang … people who are penyayang appeals to you, you love them

sendiri mau kupas


perli nampak … gigit kang!

ankle deep ada lah + i oso ken drama ok!


zezz said...

err salman rushdie?

tsk tsk