Wednesday, May 16, 2007

one dollar

this i noticed ...

the younger vietnamese are rather money oriented; everything comes with a price tag. for example, if you seek their permission to take their photo or they pose for you + you go click click, it'll cost you USD 1.

the elderly, they just nod to give permission + smile at your camera.

run!!!! <- sebab amek gambar curik


cHikAnoZ said...

huh.. sampai mcm tu sekali? demm..

n|ns said...

pandai betul carik duit!! :D

Imran said...

LOL! You better have fit legs then. Snap and run! Snap and run! said...

alternatively u can take pictures of little kids.they'll be more than pleased to have their pictures taken f.o.c.

baik2 bile amek gamba org tua.if u're unlucky like hobo (wakakaaa!:p) u'll be chased around dengan penyapu.or was it kapak?:p

wegra said...


alah ... diorang hidup susah ... kene lah creative cari duit




i do ok ... i still run fast but after that i'll see stars


hobo tak ask for permission, ofkos kene kejar ngan penyapu ... budak kechik pun minta one dolla ok!

not all travellers are quids in ... hence the backpacking subculture

mental muz said...

those mangoes looks awsome. weh best ke backpack to hanoi alone? one of these days i oso have to backpack alone la, macam best je rasa huhuhu

wegra said...


dah balik mesia pun

when you go backpacking ... you're actually not alone ... there are other backpackers like you ... when you're doing a solo, you'll definitely make new connections with other backpackers + sometimes you ended up gerak sekali ngan diorang to the next destination

PiN(u/a)Ts said...

lor, apsal ko tak amik sekali gambar ngan dia, sure foc.. hehehe..

ur lovely blake masuk final, so make sure u watch the final.. amik la cuti, jadi pom pom girl, blake sure suka giler.. ;P

en.emi said...

haha..yeah...jumpe backpacker yg ade duit..join tido kat hotel derang..apartment kawan derang..lalala..nak amek gamba churi...pakai tele lens...eheh...

wegra said...


asal diorang pose, kene bayar titik peluh diorang ... you have to experience it yourself ... baru terasa apakhan?

mengenai blake ... mesti lah ... i only go for winners ... (asal diye leh masuk finals ni?! i don't wanna share my man!!!)


errr ... cemana nak connect tele lens tu to my point + shoot? no dslr yet laa ...

eh ... balik ni emi ada space tak nak selit a poor man's camera ... ya nak kirim kalo budget tetiba ada

gravtkills said...

kim salam to abg abg vietcong

Erra said...

gravt kills

dah balik mesia laa ... hari tu tak nak kirim salam

esok besday 'uncle ho'; birth name nguyen sinh cung a.k.a. ho chi minh, which translates to 'he who enlightens'.

the founder of the national front of the liberation of suoth vietnam a.k.a. viet cong.

he pesan to his people "love other human beings as you would love yourself"


Erra said...

p.s. the guerilla tactics adopted by them was found by someone from our land, the lelaki komunis terakhir

jeng! jeng! jeng!