Wednesday, May 09, 2007

some old friends

the picture is from riz's flickr ... curious to view the set? click here.

we were at razz + riz's new crib for makan. as per usual, i forgot my camera. i was disappointed to not see nad there. in situation like this, she'd normally be my sumber songlap gambar tanpa izin. lucky tuan rumah had his d50 out ... woohoo!!!

looking at the pictures, i think i've put on weight, by a lot!

hmmmmmm ... whatever!

ainal’s neng agreed with hefle that my new hair-do looks like jennifer lopez’s ... i wish laa kan (neng, kalo nak makan sedap kat mana2, donch be shy, just tell. i belanja semua ok).

nonetheless ... (00) <- hidung kembang

again, i made imtiyaz fall. apparently, i did not learn anything the first time round. this time, nina raised her voice at me (aiyeh! this “kakak” very afraid). lesson learnt: when you put a child down, you have to make sure they find their balance before letting go.

i also learnt how to bully friends’ kids from ainal, which i trialed on imtiyaz. i’m afraid to go all out on the bullying though seeing that there’s a pact to counter bully ainal’s kids, well when she decides to have them (hoih! it’s not their fault ok their mom’s like that).

jai + jam’s kids were polite + well behaved. it made me think that maybe what zizie said is true. if the moms are lemah lembut gemalai like nailah + jai, their kids would be well behaved. hence, if i were to have kids, they would be dead naughty. oh no ... (if i repent now + if i were to have kids they'd turn human, right?)

the food at razz + riz’s was to die for. sedap gegila! some of us (read: definitely not me ... serious!) went munching non-stop from 6 pm until 9 pm, they had to stop to catch a movie *snigger*. hefle + myself stayed until 10-ish munching on the *cough* salad.

the thought of razz’s pasta made me go all salivating, she made a mean sauce. oh and ...

... the salmon quiche

... that lindt dark chocolate cake

... the banana with chocolate chips cupcakes

... that red velvet friands (i understand why arianna went for the icing only, if i were a kid still, i would too but unfortunately i have to put an ‘adult’ front. demmit!)

... was that raspberry pie we had with the vanilla ice cream?

tak caya, view the flickr set.

if anyone wants them food for a party, you can give razz a call (riz's friend has got this big ass industrial oven for them cooking) ... i’d definitely recommend the salmon quiche + lindt dark chocolate cake ... i’d do a money back guarantee that the food is sedap. if you don’t like the food, just return the leftover to me + i’ll refund your dosh.

note to self: next makan2 session at razz + riz nyer place ... bring at least 3 plastic containers for the tapau.


refering to muz's + tiena's perli ... theme songs are very the passe oredi, i've found the theme dance for the meet

'here it goes again' by ok go



cikPijah said...

rambut pesen baru tuh cunnn lah.

mummy-o said...


werent we sharing just ONE plate of dessert there??

and who were munching non-stop til late and i can bet you its definitely not just salad??! :P hehe

hi cikpijah!

Anonymous said...

ooooh sedapnyer lindt tuhhhh..
one plate share 4 orang..memang ar!

daddi 0

n|ns said...

alamak!! did i raise my voice?? *sorry wegz*

next time must teach imtiyaz to say "kakak wegz, plz don't let go" siap with muka kesian :P

i really like that pic!!

wegra said...


thank you but rambut dah agak basi ... since march yo!


aik? was it you eating non-stop since 6 pm til 9 pm? i did not mention names



tu laa kan ... we shared plates, tammau susahkan razz + riz do the dishes ... we're nice people aren't we?



hehe ... i now understand why imtiyaz jatuh when i put him down

you datang sekejap sangat ... the camera baru berkenalan ngan imtiyaz ... you dah nak balik

mental muz said...

weggie, no youtube video aa this entry? said...

yeah i demand a youtube video for the post 'theme song'!:p

hi hefle!;)

wegra said...


wahhhh ... perli nampak ... i'll youtube every entry from now on


you too?

nanti i carik theme song + update the entry


ra° said...

next time you are around we'll do a different menu :) hehe. glad you guys enjoyed. it's excellent seeing friends get together chit chat catching up on things with good food. that i manage to capture! you picked the right one ;)


Erra said...


wahhhhh ... got different menu!!!

*perut grumbling*

thanks for the hospitality + gorgeous images. yeah! i love that picture, you captured it perfect.