Monday, May 07, 2007

the art of noise

quickly now ...

the last time i saw anyone do a one man show using loop pedals like blake lewis did in this video clip was way way back in manchester, was it in greenroom? i'm not too sure. but i reckon blake's dead creative + original. he's my idol!

though i'd have to admit that it's near impossible for him to win the american idol. his music wouldn't appeal to the general masses + the final 3 girls in the competition are vocally far superior.

dah ... shooh! shooh! you gals can go on dream about chris richardson, donch kacau my blake!

later later peeps!

p.s. g78, you peeps remember our attempt at beatboxing tak masa kat sekolah dulu2? widie kompem ada, ly-d perhaps ... tersembur2 ... teehehehe!

something from the korean scene ...

eurgh! since zizie can't remember, watch this tokai university kid nyer beatboxing clip ... it's nearer to what we used to experiment, though he's far better laa of course. :op


zezz said...

ha? apa tu?

wegra said...


alah!!!! ... yang kita sebook buat vocal percussion ... create beats pakai mulut tu (next meet i'll remind you ... bila malas ... we go "mmm ... tak ... mmm ... mmm ... tak" ... :op) ... chkonon replicate sound effects from hip hop tunes from zaman dulu ... tapi dulu punya beats tak stylo macam sekarang la

zezz said...


TAK penah buat pun <--- percaya ka?

Erra said...



memalukan ek kalo mengaku?


widie sorang je buat ... i never oso

zezz said...

memalukan bila mengaku buat tapi tak sedap! ihihihi

btw, naziah has just given birth, no details yet. said she needs to catch her breath first.

wegra said...



tapi fun pe zaman2 tu?

kepala_angin said...

come to think of it, noise is some kind of art kan.

p/s: thank you for the visit :-)

wegra said...

kepala angin

congratulations on the pregnancy!

wegra said...


i missed that ... ziah tebaboo oredi?


another kid to paksa harus call me "KAKAK"

PiN(u/a)Ts said...

wei! ayat aku tu... shohh shohh.. hahaha..

anyway, blake can win AI.. he's different! and then, all women's vote will go for him.. percayaler!

wegra said...


oh tidak!!!!!!!!!

i don't want to share my man

shooh pinat!!! shooh!!!