Monday, December 18, 2006


i have about seventy-eight things on my mind now and i'm staring at a blank screen. i think i'm having a mental block. my mind is not working because my heart is out of order. usually my heart does the writing while my mind sits back and relaxes. today, my heart just gave out.


firstly, i'm upset because they demolished the bok's house. i knew it was coming but didn't expect it to be this sudden. probably the baby boom generation would like to be remembered as the generation who had them all and threw them away, all for some sub-standard gaudy architecture. am i being harsh?

if you like, find a house built 50 years ago, run your fingers across the wall, do the same to a house built today. tell me the difference.

and i'm upset with myself as well.

yesterday i was at sha2's for her farewell do. she's leaving for paris with baby imran on the 12th, dino's leaving on the 2nd. i saw two beautiful mom + child moment, i scrambled to capture them + they turned out blurry. hence, this ngada2 emotional display.

hehe! better snap out of it. :op


hefle, make sure enal sees this picture. (jangan jeles enal, 'kak' wegra very the popular ok) thank you!


Anonymous said...

wot color r u today dear?:)

Erra said...


definitely not red. ;o)

Anonymous said...

laa kenapa blur??

Erra said...


me laa ... was menggelupur when handling the camera

mummy-o said...

wegz, nak all photos pls..forgot my camera la that day..hehe

email k. TQ

Erra said...


roger that