Sunday, December 24, 2006

someone please call 911

'cos it's a bittersweet symphony ... that is life

'cos it's a bittersweet symphony ... yeah
'cos it's a bittersweet symphony ... yeah
... that's life ... that's life ... that's life

'cos it's a bittersweet symphony ... yeah
'cos it's a bittersweet symphony ... yeah
... my life ... your life ... their lives

in case you're wondering what was 'the cat' quotation in my earlier post all about, it was an opening to this book i was reading. i've just finished reading louis de bernières's 'birds without wings' as a preamble to one of my 2007 to dos - read tolstoy's 'war and peace'. :op

(in one british newspaper interview, de bernières illuminated his tolstoyian ambitions, “I’m one of those writers who’s always going to be trying to write War and Peace, failing, obviously, but trying”. so de bernières, a preamble to tolstoy ... hahaha? ... ok not funny. demmit!)

to me, 'the cat' is a metaphoric representation of many multi racial, multi religion communities today, well, many faces of society today - what's happening within. 'birds without wings' illustrates the complex and fragile intricacy of the fabric of any society. it also makes you appreciate the oddballs in your own community; everybody has a place.

all i want for christmas is an edenic environment, ethereally beautiful, where people from all walks of life live convivially together.

far fetched? perhaps. but hope keeps spirits upbeat, hope keeps one going, hope keeps one alive. i shall keep on hoping, living in semi-denial perhaps, painting life into a beautiful bed of roses, letting the occasional thorns cutting into my flesh pass by. someone please call 911 ...

anyways, for some reason, i have this track playing in my head right now

so cold
sometimes i feel like i'm a prisoner
i think i'm trapped here for a while
and every breath i fight to take
is as hard as these four walls i wanna break
i told the cops you wasn't here tonight
messin' around with me is gonna get you life
oh yeah, yeah
but every time i look into your eyes
then it's worth the sacrifice

someone please call 911, yeah, yeah (pick up the phone yo)
tell them i just got shot down
and it's piercing through my soul, (i'm losin' blood yo)
feel my body getting cold

a character in 'birds without wings', iskander the potter, who likes to quote proverbs, says, "man is a bird without wings, and a bird is man without sorrows".

i need y'all to do me a favour, someone please call 911!

disclaimer: i was suffering from a bad flu when i saw 'cinta' last night. even before we went into the cinema, i was doing a fast sneeze rap, my nose was doing more than running, it was practically 'crying' + my eyes were long swollen. chop!


Anonymous said...

I NAK PEGI SESANGAT RAIN PUNYA CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But my perut is really heavy and I wont last long in a crowded area. U know the details of the concert? Gimme, gimme........

Pak Abu said...

chekout my non so active yet blog...

cpj said...

wegiieeee!!! baper baldi u nangis? i still haven't watched it :( best tak citer itu?

Anonymous said...

OMG!haha....emi ade siut yg Richard Ashcroft nyanyi tuh..lalala....

mental muz said...

man u cried watching cinta? jewang shial makcik ni hahahaha. i suka lagi 'the drugs dont work'. do u know why the verve got disband tak?

Maryam said...


minta ampun tak reply text ... phone wa dah kene barred exceed credit limit ... and to unbarr agak la boleh beli baju zara ... :op

however, sat gi i reactivate my pre-paid

rain ... leh kawan ngan my mom ... she reckons rain is hot ... somewhere in january ... tickets from RM 85 to RM 700+ ... kat bukit jalil


i seb i had a bad flu ... mana ada nangis ... gwe macho!

cinta tu ok lah ... ada bab2 jiwan-g karat ... kitorang bantai gelak ... and ada bab2 jiwang karat ... terasa nak muntah ... tapi the kid actress leh menang awards siot




eh budak hingusan ... i repeat ... i did not cry!

'the drug don't work' tak masuk with my storyline in this post ... the verve disbanded sebab normal band reasons napa diorang disband, if i'm not mistaken

Anonymous said...

oh oh..baru tngok cite chenta...tayangan perdana krismas ni Beeston...ahah...erm...okla kot cite tu...yg penting tak yusuf haslam nye movie la kan...

Erra said...

cinta was way better than yusof haslam's movies laa kan but still kene berusaha lagi!