Monday, December 11, 2006

itinerant wanderer

one thing the one week long mc managed to cure is my acute graphomania; it's now hard to construct a sentence even. which is probably good since words published here are multum in parvo + it represents the tip of an iceberg, it can sometimes get misconstrued - dangerous when that happens. bak kata pijoh, "weggie!!! jangan ... orang suka assume!!!" (referring to the unrelated post + picture of *cough* merpati dua sejoli @ cik pms's lair sometime back).

oh and my little music CDs collection is no longer just in alphabetical order. i now have them by era, followed by the genre and then alphabetical order. :op

i've got my 2007 to do list ready as well, the first 5 includes:

1. reconnect with at least one old friend, i'm looking at my a level friends

2. read tolstoy's war and peace (keh! keh! keh! wish me luck!)

3. do 2007 rainforest music festival

4. renew my passport and go jalan2 ... phewwit! (crazy friends, be prepared!)

5. pick up a language

(opocot! control freak alert! ting! ting! ting!)

hmmmm ... suddenly ter-miss the ctc clan.

have a good week!


mental muz said...

last picture, where is that?

Erra said...


bungee jumping cliff in aiya napa, cyprus

Anonymous said...

apa kabar anda?

kaki sudah ok or not? u terpelecok ketika jogging? or terpelecok masa turun tangga?

be careful ok later later .. so, does this mean - all naan realted activities pun terbatas ke?

cpj said...

weggieeeeeeeeeeee!! i miss yew!! bila nak naan lagik?

Erra said...


tiada aktiviti yang terbatas, hanya bila malam kunjung tiba menyesal sebab kaki sengal :op

lets do rock the world ... i promise pakai ankle support + i won't headbang or jump or bodysurf (diorang buat ke pun perangai cam tu here?)


bila free? lets do rock the world stadium merdeka ... dec 17 from 4 pm til late ... RM 25

Anonymous said...

lets go sumwhere yg boleh bungee jump bebeh!:))

Erra said...

new zealand has got the cleanest safety record for bungee jumping ... but i love aiya napa's ... terjun masuk laut ok ... blup! blup! ... opocot! basah ... shoot! i didn't bring any other baju with me!!!! :op

p.s. read agus's post on air asia ... i reckon you should find a pilot now and marry him so that we can travel together gether