Thursday, December 21, 2006

blurry twirl around the table

i remembered "black", i remembered "the house is on the main road as you turn left into hillview", i remembered "there's loads of cars outside". with that little information in hand, i drove up to sha2&dino's + parked my car outside the first house fit the description. there was a barbeque + loads of people but no familiar faces. i quietly tip-toed around the garden , did a silent u-turn + made a dash. once outside the gate, i rang raz + realised i had just excitedly waltzed into the wrong house.


anyways, a blurry twirl around the table

last but not least, the two people responsible for the pictures. yup! we're starting adeeb dzakwan young + he loves taking pictures of himself because he's "encem". nadd was there + went home before i recovered from the shock of salah rumah, so were the hubbies + errr ... best friend ke boyfriend(?!). (keh! keh! keh!) saw nelly as well. i met chiep a.k.a. ayu's little family as well. oh! my cousin, farouk + his hanim were there but i wasn't that friendly. sorry ya! was still in terrible shock.

hurmmm ... ok, i think i need to spend more time with my single friends next! yoohoo! where are you? i'm coming your way!

before i 'pen' off, meet baby zaara alyssa ... not only does she look like zt, in my humble opinion, she inherited zt's motherly calmness as well. but zt complained at home zaara cries a lot, she'll only calm down when juk carries her. and that is bad, why?

bagus la kan? tak yah pening kepala kene buat everything on our own, the baby dah help make sure her dad helps out. :op

okidokk, tonight i've agreed to something insane. wish me luck!

15 comments: said...

tonight i've agreed to something insane?

hahahahahhhhhh :p

eh gal,if u wanna pull out,no ploblem wann..i oso donch leally feel like going.:p

Erra said...


without your 'something insane', i'm already self-embarress-prone.

if you donch leally feel like going, lets lepak ngan zeeks + catch a movie later? or if it's CINTA, you can tido awal. :op

cHikAnoZ said...

nasib baik u did not start eating at the barbeque (wrong house). kalau tak malu sedunia..

Erra said...


i wish i did ... they had bbq-ed vege, seafood + lamb, complete with mint sauce

yup! i snoop around the food before trying to locate familiar faces said...

if u pull out then ive a reason to fong fei kei my fren.huhu :p

Erra said...

sh*t you for making me be the bad person ... if you whisper to me, i'll do the pulling out + we do something sober. :op

mummy-o said...

...nice photos!!

i wished i had my camera with me too!!

but my photos wont be as nice as yours laa... :P

btw, tiena, i suggest you drag miss weg to the 'insane' thing tonite coz she is prepared!

kan wegz? ;)

mummy-o said...

eh halo!

you went into the wrong house?

apelaa...!! hehe

Erra said...


the insane? i'm too old daa

and yes i went into the first house, tu sebab slow gila walking into sha2&dino's macam perompak, lucky dy-d shouted my name ... :op

NaHLaH said...

u didnt tell me u walked into the wrong house!! hahaha... should tell us earlier laa... :P

n i am cursing both u n adib now coz the only thing u managed to capture tht nite is my lubang hidung?? :P

Erra said...


i think i did mumble it to someone + i was still recovering from my embarrassment then, no way i'm subjecting myself to live bahan gelak.

tu laa pasal, i'm annoyed with myself as well, since i'm the 'senior' photographer, gambar blurry. ouch!

superdzu said...

nice photos wegra!

and asal takut kena cubit?
i dont pinch...i bite.
he he

selamat cuti2 cik wegra!

Erra said...

selamat dzu, selamat!

DydD said...


adib really likes KAKAK WEGRA!! and the most important reason is the camera, next time u oledi know the trick! ;)

Onb behalf of the jr cameraman -> sowwiee!!tu jer yg sempat nak snap..hahah

Maryam Samirah said...

phewwit! KAKAK WEGRA!!!!!

hehe ... :op