Sunday, December 03, 2006

jalan2 cari makan

i spent the weekend jalan2 cari makan with close friends. i highly recommend william's which is in damansara, a stall behind lim kok wing, where i suffered cheese overdose + d'chiengmai thai restaurant in sungai buloh, where i suffered santan overdose. i slept dreaming about them food, man. shucks!

(i'm sorry beating heart, i've been reckless)

saturday morning, *cough* kak wegra hung out with arina (nor + man) + arianna (raz + riz) y'all! oh ya ... of course their parents were there. if the girls buat hal (but fortunately they didn't), of course i'd return them to their parents. :op ... aiya + nadd were there too.

later that evening, tiga serangkai (read: wan bi, mama + myself) travelled to kuala pilah for dinner ...

anyways, have a good week ahead!


mental muz said...

don't u just adore those kids? makes u want to own 1 jugak kan?

cikPijah said...

with ur azam baru.. so u drift drift to kuala pilah in baper minits?

Wong Ah Beng said...

Best tak Bukit Putus?

Erra said...


adore, yes. want, i tot i did but someone just offered twin boys for adoption but i hesitated. hmmmm ...


push off @ 6:30 ish ... sampai gedung lalang, seremban 7:10 and sampai kuala pilah @ 7:35 ... that's slow right?

ah beng

bukit putus tu yang before ulu bendul ke? my worst nightmare ... dah laa my mom sebook cerita her friend's husband jatuh gaung kat situ ... harks!

Anonymous said...

hurmmm something's missing lah in dat last pic.

mane tongkat u?teehee.:p

Erra said...


gambar taken before kewujudan tongkat OK! psst ... 3 inch heels lagi tau!