Tuesday, December 05, 2006

i'm not tempang, i just love extreme sports

i've got my first ever MC letter from the doctor, which had instructed me to stay in for one long week. during the first day, which was yesterday, i went dead bored. i was so bored, i played sinead o'connor's "nothing compares to you" on piano. i even read the red hard cover "malaysian constitution" text and saw "greese".

lucky i've cacat + gila peeps as friends. i want to thank y'all for kidnapping me from home + laughing with me at each other last night, when i was at the peak of my boredom.

to boy bands eh? rock bands, if you wanna jam a cover ... please do this song! rhcp punya original version pun boleh.

under the bridge - all saints

lets think of other activities i can engage myself in for the remaining days of my one week.


suzequatro said...

one week mc? nice. get well soon girl.

Anonymous said...

sudahkah anda mendapatkan kad O.K.U anda?

bwahahahh :p

get well soon,doll.dah sakit tu dok diam2 kat umh,nnt lambat heal.

Erra said...


thanks very much. i want to get well ASAP, man, i'm bored!


ma kasheh ya buk!

oits! if you wanna park at the disabled parking space, you know who to call. teehehehehe!

superdzu said...

rindunya all saints!

eh get well soon budak gila!

cikPijah said...

what the sepening to u bebeh? get well soon.

Anonymous said...

awat tempang?

u main bola guna bola boling ka?

what happen? what happen?

rubyahmad said...

Gosh! What happened? Futsal? Take care.

Posted Mcoba annual dinner.

Anonymous said...

hey there cats! (as in cacats, not kusing)

dah pandai pakai your tongkat ali?

ngeh ngeh ngeh.

mental muz said...

now got OKU card u very berlagak eh. >(

Erra said...

psst! don't tell my mom i drove to the office + climb the stairs without my crutches. :op


they are back laa ... sapa gi uk, wa nak kirim their new album!


i pulled a stunt ... :op


i told you right i've got a weak left ankle ... berapa kali dah twisted ... but this time the worst injury sustained. hehe.

wan bi

i tot i was wearing superman's cloak, apparently not. :op

cik pms

ken run pakai tongkat oredi ok!


bawak bertenang ... next week i'll be back in action.

later peeps!

en.emi said...

nak album baru all saints ka?kat msia tak kan takde kut?

Erra said...



tak de ... not yet!