Tuesday, December 26, 2006

i bid thee adieu

2006 was interesting, colourful. i went through a lot of learning, some are peculiar, most are typical, regular learning.

a bell has started to ring, the big three-oh related, since it is looming not very far ahead. that realisation had sat me down to think. closer to 'home', my sister had made me realised, "no sister, no cry, no sister, no pokai ... everything's gonna be alright, only if i hit the jackpot aight, everything's gonna be alright, everything's gonna be alright ... no sister, no pokai ... ooOOOoooOOOoo ... no sister, no cry".

in 2006, i stumbled upon a handful of old friends. also, i found a few more good friends but them good friends found are getting younger. erk!

am i wiser? i don't think so, well maybe slightly, since i still have my bouts of puerility in addition to the fresh hymen of calming acceptance, or perhaps wisdom straight up? :op

... colours of 2006, just a tiny fraction ...

(ok ... blogspot is now spitting out other pictures i've lined up ... demmit!)

when i look back at 2006, i had this song playing in my head ... pinjam orang punya video 'cos the fat boy slim's remix tak de video clip ... apasal this song eh? perhaps because someone has just whispered that that certain someone's planning to spend his new year bossoms watching on a beach in thailand. or maybe because there was a babyboom this year + all of my friends looked like pornstars post giving birth? or ada yang tersirat rather than tersurat. :op

it is time to bid farewell to 2006, for 2007, and all that dwells therein, bekons ...

happy new year y'all!

thank you for being part of my 2006. :o)


TunaTurner said...

thank you too for being part of my 2006.*bear hugs*

Maryam said...


bearhugs to you too!

mental muz said...

its a wonderful year aint it? well age is relative la, if u hang out with those in their late 30's of course you r still young, tapi since u hang out with those younger than u, man of course u are old. so can i chop that 080808 tak? hahahaha

bertique said...

terima kasih kerna menjadi sebahagian dr thn 2006 saya .. wah skema sungguh!

hehe biler nak lepak belakang lim kok wing lama nih? heheh

Erra said...


it's been a good year, definitely! ha? zeekaa pun nak menyemak on that date! please cari date lain kalo nak kawen! sebook ok!

remind me to print that life sized poster of josh hartnett.


baru tahu saya skema?

jom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chicken kiev diye pengsan sedap!!!

gus said...

eii, so many pictures... very the colorful.

Glad to be here... very glad.

gravtkills said...

macam kenai that lembu in yr pic

happy new year!

Erra said...


hi agus! long time no see ... free tomorrow night? :o)

gravt kills

betul laa tu ... che bu tu cakap korang dulu tadika same same

Imran said...

Happy New Year! Hehehe

anis daud said...

saya lupa anda ada blog.
saya lupa bday anda.
saya lupa semua.
saya ngokngek.
terima kasih kerana menjadi sebahagian dari 2006 saya juga.


oh oh! happy burpday nonetheless~

Maryam said...


apa hehehehe? ;o)


nggak apa2 ... lagi ramai ingat, lagi montel ... last nite my last meal was at 2 a.m. makan burger soggy ... the night before last meal at 2 a.m. gaks makan tosai masala ... fiesta makan! :op