Friday, January 13, 2006

adik2 guwe

happy nyer diorang ...

my brother, emi and elle

my sister, ita and fiezzy

this may, i'm going over to bully them. miah! miah! miah!

and while we're on the topic UK, lemme introduce to y'all another beautiful addition to the neo-soul family; the UK duo - Floetry. Their album "Flo'ology" is pure honey. Their sass and soul tracks that I love - "Let Me In", "Lay Down", "Feelings", "Sometimes You Make Me Smile" and "I'll Die".

Word of warning, not suitable for them who doesn't understand the Blacks' twang or rather lingo.

Floetry - I'll Die

If I stay right here,
I’ll die inside.
Ran out of tears,
I can barely get by.
It’s fair to say,
That we tried.
You know I wanna stay,
If I do, I’ll die.


Anonymous said...

Wegra! I'm here! First lagi! Your adiks-adiks are... ehem... weally KIUT... ;D

Erra said...


wehey! the beauty of being an early bird ... next time you're in KL, dinner on me! :o)

zuhri said...

itu baru adik-adiknya, belum lagi tayang kakak diaorang lagi...hehehe *bodek, bodek kuat ni...tak ada dinner ke?*

Anonymous said...

ita so grown up aaa..

eh, is she taller than u wegra?


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


i ske.

PiN(u/a)Ts said...

gambar ko berdua2an bila lak? gegegege.. :P

Erra said...

enche zuhri

dah tayang kakak diorang pe? tak de laa lawa pun.


she's so grown up now. gone are the days when i get to dress her up. now, she's got her own style.

i now buy what she likes, not what i like. :op

cik puan muda stress

kan? i love the pictures as well. macam they have no worries at all, and are so happy!


nak gambar berdua2an dengan sapa eh? reshmonu ke? karim raslan ke? errr ... halamak! ketandusan gambar berdua2an....

Erra said...


widie ... she's slightly taller ah ... your height kot ... remind me, wear 3 inch stiletto when i'm with either one of you.