Thursday, February 02, 2006

Lymphatic System

1. What is the purpose and function of the Lymphatic System?

The Lymphatic system transports excess interstitial fluid out of the tissue and back to the bloodstream. It maintains blood volume homeostasis around body cells and assists movements of materials into and out of cells. It transports fat, proteins (including hormones) and nutrients around the body. It provides immunological defenses against disease causing agents.

2. What is the cause of stagnant lymph?

The main cause of stagnant lymph is stress. Followed by lack of exercise, improper diet, environmental toxins, trauma and infections.

3. What are the symptoms of stagnant lymph?

When the lymph system gets sluggish or blocked up it becomes a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells. The accumulated toxins and debris lead to pain, lumps, bumps and swelling. Fatigue and ill health are often the result of a clogged or sluggish lymph system.

right che izan, i'm game. you want to force me to jog every evening, i shall obey. but first need to go shopping eh, need to buy the baju maa. :op

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after aeon, well 14 years of relationship, they are finally tying the knot mid 2006. another kekasih awal dan akhir case. ;o)

congratulations to them both!


anis daud said...

14 blardy years??????
how on earth did they do that????

Erra said...

baby anisism

he found companionship in her and she in him.

i'm extremely happy for them both!!

Anonymous said...

Here are some infos related to the lymphatic systems.
Main functions of lymphatic system :
# to collect n return interstitial fluid including plasma protein to the blood and thus help maintain fluid balance.
#to defend body against disease by producing lymphocytes
# to absorb lipids from the intestine and transport them to the blood.
"shotty lymph nodes " refers to clusters of small swollen nodes. shotty nodes may occur when the immune system is reacting to an doesnt necessarily point toward any particular disease.
"Bulky disease" generally describes a lymph node or extranodal tumor that measures greater than 10 cm in any dimension.

a word tumor simply means a mass of cells. The abnormal cells may eventually form lumps called tumors.Tumor can be either benign or malignant. Benign tumors are not a threat to life or long term health, while malignant tumors are.

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

this year, it'll be my 15th year. tapi tak ajak i kawen punnnn. sedeyy!!!

zuhri said...

i'm happy with the good news. so, start planning of having a heathier lifestyle kay. jangan stress-stress, exercise and have a helathy diet (now i sounded like ur mum, but what the heck)

Erra said...



benign it is (since they've ruled out malignant), dr wegra insisted this is true. biopsy pun biopsy lah tapi scarring on the neck ... eurgh!!! lymphoma can cause eosinophilia as well kan??? my blood test results show abnormally high amounts of eosinophils.

ermm ... next question (rather vainly asked) how to avoid keloid scarring?

cik puan muda stress

when you both are ready, it'll come

enche zuhri

baik, enche

Erra said...

p.s. infection would also cause eosinophilia ... i like that better ... hence the swollen lymph nodes ... the doctors salah ... i have no tumors

*bad case of denial sebab tak nak scarring*

zuhri said...

doctors, they're pretty high-tech these days la. jangan la buat kat hospital banting, sure la ada scar. u get a better doctor la (of course it comes with a price) since u hari ni cucu sultan perak and semalam anak sedara pm, the tiny scar will be too small for anyone to notice unless the person really inspect ur neck cam kat lokap polis....hehehe

Erra said...

esok girlfriend prince william OK!

elly said...


So happy for you dear. Just came into the office and read your blog first. Hehe! I know i should call ek.. Bad me!!

Anyway, yeay again!!

Erra said...


nehmind. no need to call, i know you thinking of me oso. *perasan*

Erra said...

the more i read ... the more pening i am ... i shall just let the docs experiment with me until they know for certain what's up with me ...

lady_bugs said...

erra... gong xi fa chai!!! 6dys i didnt visit ur blog.. hayaaa..i miss u laaaaa... hehehe...

wahhh 14 years aaaa... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Erra said...


i oso... i went everywhere looking for your latest voice, tak jumpa... it's like you read my mind! :o)

zuhri said...

u jangan jadi guinea pig, udah ler. but never mind, let them check everything just to make sure everything's covered

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...



*sambil menguap*

PiN(u/a)Ts said...

uih, nak start jog kena beli baju baru tu... errr, cam kena kat aku gak je.. emmmmmmm... :o/

Anonymous said...

Eosinophil is a type of white blood cell.They contain proteins that help the body to fight infection from parasitic organisms such as worms. But in certain diseases these proteins can damage the body.and normally eosinophilia refers to conditions in which abnormally high amounts of eosinophils are found ineither the blood or in body tissues.

To make the scars less noticeable try various creams or tehniques.Onion extract cream is said to help reduce raised or keloid scars.gentle moisturising and softening of the affected scarred area of skin may help to alleviate the discomfort.This also can be removed surgically and there is also interest in laser treatment of these now too.Or else have a chat with your GP and obtain a referral for objective specialist advice.

Erra said...

cik puan muda stress

in a bit


jom shopping


thanks for the explanation. it's easy for me to get keloid scars, and onion cream is news.

disease ey? no wonder they were poking and feeling. sigh! sakit tau. next appointment monday next week.