Friday, December 30, 2005

adik guwa

I don't know what the hand above is trying to tell me ...

My brother ya, Wawan, he's like the biggest fan of Peter Pan. There was a lepak with Peter Pan session in Taipan earlier this evening, so I arranged for him to go. I rang his mobile this morning to tell him about it, not too early though. When I got through, guess what song did he have for his ringtone? Upon hearing it, I went banging my head at the car window. Don't go slow mo laa wehhhh ... it shouldn't take long to guess!!!

'Twas You're Beautiful by James Blunt.

Ya ampun!!!!! Ear hath not heard any other song as annoying as thee. Why? Why not other songs? Why thee? UwaaaAAAaaAAaaaAAaaaAAaaaAAaaAAAaaaa!!!!!!!!!

As though that wasn't enough, it had to take Wawan a while to answer the phone. Brilliant! Utterly smashing!

When he answered, I went, "Thank you, Wawan. You're so sweet!!!!". He was puzzled, "Thank you? What was that for?". I replied, "Sebab Wawan acknowledged Ya beautiful." and quick came the answer, "Boleh blah!" :op

Anyways, I've just got back from the Peter Pan thingie. Will upload pictures later, camera batt empty.

I thought I could go to the gig with Wawan, ropa2nya he's working on the 1st. Demmit! He knew I was fishing for him to go together gether after seeing that the band members are actually cute, so he gave me two tickets to the gig as a pwessie. He's the sweetest.

Ye! Ye! Nak pegi! Ye! Ye! Nak pegi! *me doing the Joey dance*


zuhri said...

let me rub some more

"u're beawtifooool, u're beawtifoool, u're beawtifoool, it's true"

hehehehe. i'm going to the concert too after watching actorlympics. yaayyyyyy!

Em said...

Hello Erra

I must confess that I actualli like the song... Hehhe

Anyways tell us how was the Peter Pan's concert..

Wanted to wish u Happi New Year and May Allah bless u and family wif good health and rezeki.

Erra said...

thanks very much, em

happy new year to you as well.

the gig was superb. i was truly mesmerised by ariel. i thought he sounded better live and he sang from his heart. you can feel his energy and you can't help but return the same. and when those fingers went strumming the strings, my heart went bergolek2. yup! i was that close to the stage.

there's one song, alah! anyways, i waved my mobile with its light on throughout the song. during an interval he sighed and went “kuala lumpur is beautiful from up here. thank you.” and gave a thumbs up. when I turned around, he was right it was breathtaking; you can see the lighted up KLCC, KL Towers and Menara Maybank outside the stadium, while the dark stadium was lighted up with mobile phone lights.