Monday, October 16, 2006

fast breaking

the recent riot in anisism, a reaction to anis's berbuka puasa post sent me into one of those thinking mode. all the while ...

i thought if you're having lunch or even berbuka in a crowded foodcourt and you see a couple with trays trying to find a table, you should invite them to join your table if there's space.

i thought it's ok to give a lift to a bangladeshi who you met at the plus rest area to ipoh hospital to visit a relative who's sick.

i thought if you see a girl trying to get on a bus home at 6:45 p.m. + didn't have a small change, but was hesitant to pay the RM 5 in her hand + let the feeder bus keep the change, it's ok for you to just pay her fare so that she'll get home in time for berbuka.

i thought if you find a kid who's lost + wailing like a wailing ambulance or even wailing ah beng next to his transformer machine, which has forgotten to transform properly, you should wait by him until his parents find him.

i thought if you saw a burmese cleaner trying to get his kyat, burmese currency, changed at the money changer + was rudely shooed away, it's ok for you to ask him what he needed the money for + get him a mcdonald's value meal because he hasn't eaten since he started work two days ago + if he were to convert the cash he had, it wouldn't be enough to buy any food from klia.

i thought if you saw a proton iswara in the subang jaya ss13 monsoon drain with a girl pinned in her seat, you should go over to the fire brigade 3 minutes drive away. bang at their door + hurry them off their arse to help the girl out because if you were to just call it'll take them almost an hour to come. sigh! but it was still too late when they arrived.

the stand by majority comment leavers in anis's blog questioned why should we bend ourselves for others, especially for their beliefs, when we don't share them. every man is for himself; don't expect others to give support or be considerate.

or did i miss the point?

anyways, i leave you with sorry for the stupid things - babyface


mental muz said...

well honey, you thought wrong. Unless of course, if we live in the perfect world where "everybody is equal" which we're not.

lensman said...

this ain't a perfect world. but we should always try to make it one. my idealism hasn't died despite of strong errosion in life values that i witness everyday.

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

i tot we're going to eat ayam golek, pengat pisang, mee sup, nasik berlauk till we drop? !!

why re we still in the office? said...

i think it's too late alredi to teach malaysians that manners,etc.

en.emi said...

its never too late yaww...slow slow la...dari 3rd world mentality...up skit ke 2nd world...lama2 1st world la kot...

Erra said...


i won't give up on the hope though.


penat trying, when people wouldn't even listen to the suggested alternative. they see their picture of truth as the absolute truth.

cik pms

sorry arr ... i miscalculated jaring's traffic + i tot i ken retain food lelama, tengok2 throw up gaks. leh kurus nih. :op

the older ones memang too late kot, orang bebuih cakap pun tak nak consider. but the next generation boleh tap.

en emi

sila2 laa balik, stressfully frustrating gaks laa. bila tutup one eye baru rasa at peace.

bertique said...

i beg to differ on the living in perfect world.

i once told this, and i'm going to tell it again.

perfect is not about perception, we preceived too much already .. our judgement being filtered out, and conclude that there's no perfect world. which is so wrong. being perfect is about action, what we do today that will change the world .. yes, probably some say that we are not ready .. our mind set is not right, the equality is not there - the my only question will be, masa kecik dulu before you can run - u fall so many times just because you want to learn to walk.

what makes it different now? huh?

like call other racist, the act of calling them racist will only come from another racist. that's why i asked, what makes u so unracist by calling others racist.

we always assume things, that's our problem. even if i were to offered a sit next to me to a girl, what the girl will have in mind?

no, it's not that wah this gentlemen is so baik la .. they probably thought "gatalnya dia nih" .. but again, to come out with that - i'm assuming again. which is wrong.

you see, we live in a circular motion. anything we put in, will have some kind of effect later. seriously, i've live to tell the tales - of which, most of the times it's a good one.

so energy, action. perception that we put in on others will definitely hit us back some time later .. my next and last question will be "ARE SENDING OUT A POSITIVE ENERGY / ACTION / PERCEPTION on others?"

oh, then you will say .. what one man can do. i say a lot. if we can change ourselves, we will definitely create a peer pressure on others as well .. and the positive effect will spin-off based on that.

u dont think so? look at malaysian who go go singapore for example. they are not that obedient in malaysia, but because of "fear" and "peer pressure" they managed to blend in and follow all the rules.


Erra said...

amboi betik

berapi tapi tak menjawab soalan + you've said that once to whom? ;o)

mana mr hobo?! here we've got a blog post in a comment box. :op

Erra said...



tak baik ok generalise!

baru je last week, ada a chinese bloke held the lift door for my sister + i. we said thank you. asked us which floor, we said 12, he pressed the button for us. we said thank you. held the door as we were leaving out. we said thank you again.

our conversation soon after. wow! he's very the gentleman, very the well bred.

now that you mentioned it, tak terlintas pun ok he was being gatal.

Mr Hobo said...

tak best .. tak da gambar

Erra said...

mr hobo

eh? demanding jugak ye, sir?

bertique said...

betul la hobo.

entry giler bosan, letak la gambo kan .. baru leh relate sket .. boring ah.

tu sapa lak tuh yg tulis blog dlm ruang komenter org tuh .. nak tulis pepjg bukak blog la wei!

Erra said...


ntah kan?! ... nak tulis pepanjang wat kat blog sendiri lah wehhh

peng! peng! peng!

lensman said...

i love when betik became philosphical and tulis panjang-panjang. but penat la betik bula posa ni, i can only read the first 3 paragraphs and the last one but i'm sure they're all good...hahahaha.