Monday, October 02, 2006

project greenroom

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beautiful girls with beautiful heart

people love others not for who they are but how they make them feel, then again we tend to forget that being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. it means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.

have a good week y'all!

ada apa dengan definasi?

an interesting point by ziad in his blog on the origin + definition of "bible" + "al-quran". i'd like to expand on it + wanted to include the definition of "tanakh", but it's actually an acronym for the three parts of the hebrew bible: the torah (pentateuch), nevi'im (prophets), and ketuvim (writings, or hagiographia).

the "bible" is etymologically derived from medieval latin word “biblia”, which means scrolls or little books, which came from greek, plural of "biblion" book, dimunitive of byblos papyrus, i.e. book, which originated from byblos, an acient phoenician city from which papyrus was exported.

the “qur’an", on the other hand, is an arabic word, which literal meaning is “the recitation”. within arabic grammar, the word "qur'an" constitutes a masdar (verbal noun) and it's derived from the arabic verb قرأ qara'a ("to read" or "to recite") which is the root. the metre (الوزن) of this word is "فُعلان" which is a metre that indicates that the act “الفعل” was done with excessiveness, diligence or devotion. for example, the verb غفر (ghafara), which means “to forgive” has a masdar of غفران (ghufran) which means an excessive or diligent act of forgiveness. similarly, the word qur’an conveys the meaning of diligent reading. the word qur'an has been used within the qur'an in its generic sense of "reading", "recital".

ada apa dengan definasi?

i guess, all three are meant to be read, to be understood and to be actualised. :o)


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

berapa banyak blog daaa....

Erra said...


satu je pe?

TunaTurner said...

beautiful girlssss eh.
*tgk gambars,starts singing*

who's dat girl..
lalalala lalala lalaa..
eve's dat girl..
lalalala lalala lalaa..


Erra said...

aaacho maakkkk! apasal effect lambat laks on this girl?

may day,!
may day!


TunaTurner said...

hihii u nak effect ape ni?
cepat cepat!tell!:p

Erra said...

tak de laa
semalam tido
hari ni flying high

mental muz said...

ada apa dengan definasi?

TunaTurner said...

aiks JT ilang dah?ish pompuan ni suke betol edit entry blog die..

bertique said...

apa projek green room tuh?

ngapa korang nmpk ngantuk?

err ngapa aku tak de dlm picture?


Erra said...


yes. ada apa dengan definasi?


nama pun wegra's blog. ske lah! :op


sebab we slept: zeekaa on the king sized bed, tiena on the floor + myself on the sofa. yet we were heppy + felt that we had a good time. wierd!

bertique said...

hahaha ... gitu rupanya.

sebaik i tak join sesama .. haru la nnt kan, suma tok leh tidur .. (ok komen mengutuk diri sendiri)

anyways, good to have u back!

guess, it's time for me to err temporarily close my blog lak kot?

tttuuuunnnnggggguuuuuuuuuuuu ...