Monday, October 09, 2006

meandering thoughts

lions are a very individualistic lot, is that why they carry the air of king to the animal kingdom?

i had chat with my aunt, wan bi, over the phone yesterday. i find it interesting that she pointed out our late grandparents taught the seven beradik to be achievers and implied that this came with a little snag. i immediately saw what she meant by it. i observe the same pattern with my siblings.

teaching your children to be achievers would indirectly expose them to being individualists; by promoting unrestricted exercise of individual goals + desires. a traditional parents would begin with scholastic achievements, is teamwork possible here when we all belong to different age group?

since people tend to get lost in translation, i have to point out that here i'm not looking at selfish, egoistic individualism, rather human independence, self-reliance + liberty bit of it.

lets ponder on it. the higher we climb, the more complicated our environment is. we are so used to battling our battle on our own, we forgot that there's a support system behind us; be it emotional, financial, technical know how and even technical know who. we spill our problem only when it's at a critical point, even then we don't know how to ask for help. since we always looked good externally, seemed tough, people trust that we are capable beings, hence help sometimes hesitate to come.

look after each other, be sensitive, don't wait for another to ask.

have a good week ahead!


mental muz said...

i tot lions are very social animal? unlike cheetah or leopard. but i like to watch them all kat national geographic. best jugak laa kalau tgh bosan2

Erra said...


shall we get back to how you and i define individualistic? it seems our definition differ.

Erra said...

my individualistic carries these keywords independence + self-reliance + liberty, having these traits doesn't mean one has to be anti-social ya?

bertique said...

i think individualistics probably have more -ve impact rather than +ve, but again, it depends highly on the situation.

but to use your current definition, i'm agreeable to you except probably in liberty bit coz i still think we need to have some limitations.

what is norm in our relatives or group of friends, might not be shared in our different set of friends.

pandangan seorang betik. said...

everybody has dat in themselves.
but becuz individualistic is often perceived as selfishness and egoism then not many wud admit dat they are one.

in my opinion,liberty means being ur true self,so u dun have to limit urself..u just have to 'adapt' (to the environment).:)

Erra said...

bertique +

is a wise + learned individualist who practices self-awareness + is able to curb the possibility of egoism + selfishness to rule them as well as to selectively practice individualism in conjunction with collectivism an individualist?

my point, i doubt there's any one person in a society who perfectly fit into the textbook definition of an individualist. in fact, i have to agree with, each + everyone of us has to a certain degree, individualistic traits in us.

i don't believe in compulsion. i don't see why we need to ensure that everyone conform to popular believe of the norm. then again, a person's liberty is very much limited by the 'make-up' of their mind.

mental muz said...

hehe weggy, so if one of the keyword to u is independence, than i dont think lion is independent at all. They live in a group consist of an alpha male and 5 or more female and a few cubs. They are pretty much dependence with each other in hunting task or taking care of the cubs task. and did u know that all the hunting were done by the female that the male depends on them for food! but then again u r right, maybe our definition is different hehehe =P

Erra said...


meow! we're discussing sociobiology now. :op

maybe the word 'individualistic' isn't the most accurate word to describe lions or maybe i'm wrong altogether. ouch!

when i came up with individualistic lions - i'm comparing lions with penguins, camels + zebras.

camels + zebras + penguins are collective lot; they move in massive community. lions battle the world with only their pride in tow.

Erra said...

p.s. pride = nuclear family of close genetic relatives

(kepada mereka yang mungkin akan kompius dengan debat master animal kingdom muz + juga master animal kingdom wegra)

bertique said...

i like zebra.

dia ada belang.

which i like.

err jap. ni korang ngk animal planet ke?

boring ok