Friday, October 06, 2006

lima budak hitam tinggal dua

[uji, elly, wegra, sha2, zetty]

remember them ... we had a blast organising the 10th year reunion this time last year ... somehow, i felt like they're the best team i've worked with ... the lima budak hitam would soon tinggal dua ... in january, sha2's leaving for paris.

hi mummy-o! lepas ni, just the two of us, you and i. unless you're migrating with daddy-o as well, soon?


zezz said...

eh? the not-hitam-at-all-zt gi mana pulak?

mummy-o said...


i'll be here...not going dont happy!!

du du du du du du du
dont worry
du du du du du du du
be happy
du du du du duuuuuuuuu


can't believe that was a year ago!!
how time flies...

mummy-o said...

zt is Miss UK for now... eh Mrs..soon to be mummy too..

Can't wait to see zt/juke junior!!


Erra said...


zt's in london now ... working in some architect firm i forgot the name + currently waiting for her baby to come out. :op


exactly one year ago

*keluarkan calculator to calculate umur*

Erra said...


i bet zt/juke jr would be talkative + witty? but i hope her jokes would be better than juke's laa ... otherwise haiyoh!

juke kata black eyed peas dulu before femes nama band dia baa baa black sheep. apa tu?

NaHLaH said...

next reunion bila?
i missed the last one. huhuhu.

sumer migrate2. me migrating to be mummy-o's neighbour je kot. hehe.

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

hi mummy-o !!

Erra said...


nak ikoot!!!! i have to start thinking of buying a property lah.

mental muz said...

baa baa black sheep is a nice joke what. 9/10 for the effort. good job!

Erra said...


fine. you leh kawan ngan juke 'cos kengkadang je i ken burst out laughing, kengkadang ok. said...

mane bdk itam?i lagi itam ok.:p

Erra said... + korangs sekalian

asal budak hitam = skin colour?

i'm talking about the black outfit

jeng! jeng! jeng!

Erra said...

p.s. i'm pointing out that our mind has been conditioned by society - "budak hitam" to refer to skin colour

NaHLaH said...

hahaha at least i managed to guess the hitam meant outfit. but of coz, i've seen all of u in person ;)

erra, joms!! at least i can still socialize even if my maid lari lagi. muahahaha. god forbid!!

Erra said...

lari? haiyoh! lucky the bebudak a-OK.

i'm giving myself one year for that. you donch lari elsewhere pulak ... who knows, nanti we can all tea tea together gether. lets get everyone to move there + start our little community. in the event maid lari, ada friends to help out. hehe!

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

i'm not sure lah weggy ni boleh jadi a good maid or not..

macam takde bakat je..

mental muz said...
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Erra said...

oits zeeks + muz yang dah chicken

bila masa orang offer nak jadi maid ... wa offer tolong bully anak2 diorang if they need to do housework. :op

Anonymous said...

hi weggy,

welcome back!!.. nearly missed you blog!.
what shasha migrate to paris? doing what? still architecture or following the other half?
i met zetty and kupan in london and i met uji in dublin since im working in dublin too.
FYI, all of them are my junior in Banting last time.
btw, take care!



Erra said...


if you were in Banting, then you're my senior for two months as well 'cos i was there for 'cuti2 malaysia' before i went to cambridge tutors college. i used to hang out with zt, sha2, uji, dora, nadia, mastika etc. i'm bad with names but i remember faces well. i remember there were 16 of us gals who used to hang out together. :o)

sha2 is following dino to paris + she is pregnant with her first kid, i think for the time being she's excited to be a full time mom. am meeting her for berbuka next week.

Anonymous said...

Update : zt has delivered a baby girl at 11.42 am GMT yesterday 08/10/06...heheh...


Erra said...

thanks rina!!!!

i'm so happy!!!!!!