Thursday, October 12, 2006



With Mukhsin" I try to examine one common and uncomfortable human experience: What happens when your very best friend - someone with whom you've been learning to do cool best-friend things ... starts to develop romantic notions about you? [...]I feel it's an interesting human condition to look at because I myself have never been able to understand how sometimes something as beautiful as Love can threaten to end something else that's just as beautiful - Friendship." Yasmin Ahmad

meremang OK! is the hand above trying to tell me something 'cos movies which are dump onto me are au-contraire-ish to my stand, my belief, of late. the same theme appeared in "full house" boxset we finished on monday, which addiction made us forget that we had a berbuka appointment, a missed opportunity. dan-g!

or maybe i'm not supposed to strike another cool best friend feat with the opposite gender? at least that way i won't go all sakit al-akibat kene kicked + shoved as though i'm one of them tough boys. errr ... any one of you boys silently reading my blog? :op

ok lah, shall i jump into the girlfriends rock bandwagon?

[hey, it's my blog, ske laa if i want to have a psycho bimbo moment believing in "huuuUUUuuuUUUuu ... wegra ... huuuUUuuuUUuu". i'm no specko a.k.a spastic yo! i'm just unique. :op]

on a serious note, love is capable of ending something else that's just as beautiful, friendship. i learn to not get entagled in it + to walk away before it gets ugly, sometimes even before the story begins.

p.s. i haven't forgotten that i owe cik pms a picture of me way back when my iranian housemate, zainab, used to call us 3 girls "2 1/2 girls + 1/2 boy" + my basketball partner, peter, used to call me "little boy". and i haven't forgotten the i owe muz the picture of a pengat pisang. they are on their way, peeps. ok, have a good day.


bertique said...

eh .. u oso owe me a pic.

pic of tom.

keh keh keh

Erra said...


tak malu ke? kengkawan tom yang lain baca my blog as well.


our friend here, betik, minat tom a.k.a. dayangku yuliana. korang go check him out, siuman enough to be introduced to tom ke tak?


mental muz said...

yeah its fucked up bile we fall in love with our best friends. kene reject is one thing, taknak kawan is another thing. i learn it the hard way tsk tsk tsk.

Erra said...

muz, donch fall in love with me!!!


ok ... seriously now, i've never been in that situation, falling in love with my best friend. but love, in general, can kill friendship, in general, and vice versa kot.

cikPijah said...

rasa lagi best ker dari tht indonesian movie heart tak?

Erra said...


adakah you tertipu tengok "heart" jugak????????????

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha + myself promoted the movie to the whole world + people came back chasing us with broomsticks.

anyways, it'll be far better than "heart" but ... i hope it's better than "gubra"

bertique said...

*tutup muka* no picture .. no picture *tutup muka*

malu siot.

Erra said...


psst! cakap, pandang, pandang

bertique said...

tak pe la .. dah terlepas nak buat camna ..

janji jgn ada death threat kat i udah la .. kan? kan?

aisey, kena behave dlm blog nih ..

amaran kepada betik: perangai anda sedang dipantau ..

ngeh ngeh

Erra said...


jangan perasan laa betik. sapa nak pantau you? :op

gurau2 ok ... donch sensitive with me.

haish! asal hari ni lapar ni, terasa sampai ulu hati. harks! said...

love is frenship set on fire,babe.

bile kite reject,they lari.
damn those best-boyfrens yg fell in love wif me!:p

Erra said... + muz

sapa yang ekceli lari ni? the boys or the girls?



Wong Ah Beng said...

sapa *lari* tuh?? lan-jiaoooo!


Erra said...

ah beng

shaddap laa the real spastic-o!!!!