Tuesday, October 10, 2006

happy tuesday

i didn't know rina reads my blog but she just delivered a happy news - zt delivered a baby girl, zaara alyssa, 11:42 am 8th oct 2006. i'm so over the moon for zt + juke. you're in dublin aren't you rina?

*wave to rina y'all!*

i've just read nad's blog + the entry on her thumb made me realised i share the same habit. i too need to learn that sometimes leaving things be is the fastest way to make it better.

anyways, since yesterday we had a debate on animal social behaviour + i'm thinking what should be the best baby shower for zt/juke junior, i felt like sharing my artpad.art.com painting with y'all. ... hehehe ...


bibots: eEEeeeEEEeee ... ma!!! tengok ma, budak 28 tahun lukis!!!
wegra: oi! 27 laa
bibots: please ...
wegra: cute pe? there's a name to the style ok ... naive panting ... phewwit!
bibots: yucks!
wegra: jeles
bibots: mana kaki diye?
wegra: eh, susah laa nak lukis kaki.
bibots: i think you desperately need to attend an art class.
wegra: freehand ok, pakai mouse. ingat senang ke?

so kengkawan ... what do you think? do you agree with bibots?

think hard ok ... real hard.

p.s. you have to go to stupe's blog, "We're Not So Furious" post for the jj + rudy vandalised teriyaki boyz's tokyo drift. hilarious!


NaHLaH said...

if zt reads this, CONGRATS!!

as for the drawing erra, being a non-artsy person, i'd always assume a painting has it's own meaning to the artist himself - be it buruk or not!! :D

Erra said...


buruk?! did the word appear in your comment?!


thanks mate for that piece of honesty. :op

anyways, there was no meaning to the painting, i was in my otak tepu state + i wanted a break. :op

ti.e.na said...

buruk tp ok-cute..
cuba lagi!:p

apsal x lukis lion?

Erra said...


lion?! nanti jadi daisy bukan lion ... cemana?

gi jupun-g donch porget pictures ok ... plenty of them ... and have fun ya!

bertique said...

ok la.. u know me, i'll call a spade a spade.

so u know la apa i rasa about ur err lukisan.

BURUK OK!! hahaha

well, lukisan picasso pun buruk. ada ke muka manusia bersegi-segi. but he makes it ok ..

probably it's time for you to re-consider ur future? free-flow-electronic-mouse-artist?

selamat berposa :D

Erra said...


blardy hell you!!!

*wegra striking betik off her friends list*

NaHLaH said...

it was meant to be a general comment, but if terasaaaaa...

kuang... kuang... kuangggg...

but agree with tiena - cute nevertheless!! i'd put up that pic in my son's room if you give it to me - frame sekali ok? ouh, and F.O.C of coz!! :D

Anonymous said...

im a silent reader since i dont have my own blog! heh. yup, still in dublin...btw, keep up the good work with your blog...will keep reading..heh


bertique said...

aisey darling, dont la mad at me ok ;) .. nnt i blanja sahur kat mamak ss14, mkn naan :P

oh i'll bring my laptop as well, so that you can draw whatever u want ok?


mental muz said...

i dont think it was that bad. i mean yeah what are the odds of leg-less cat lah kan but its the thought that counts. u trying to be cute kan? kan?

Erra said...


hahahahahaha ... a bit sensitive with the word 'buruk'. :op


do start a blog, then the rest of us can keep ourselves up to date with the happenings in dublin. :o)


i'll tuntut the janji


why? you think i'm cute? :op