Monday, October 30, 2006

perempuan gila satu

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meet my other friend from a levels, iwan-g. our seniors nobat-ed her the perempuan gila 1 title, i was only able to secure perempuan gila 2 title. tsk! yesterday, i foolishly decided to forgo my presumably last chance to meet in person the love of my life, farish a noor, before 08.08.08 comes waltzing in just to spend a lousy afternoon goofing around klcc together gether with iwan-g. like anything’s going to happen on 08.08.08. (please gather every single mattresses available in kl around the klcc twin tower, i feel like jumping off them this instance, because of the former statement ok not the latter)

i was fashionably early, in denial of how chronic a nerd i truly am, i tiptoed quietly into kinokuniya, while imagining that i’m hiding inside harry potter’s cloak. (ye lah! dah jalan sorang2 kene laa pasang imagination to teman me) surprisingly, iwan-g correctly guessed where i was hiding + went pouncing on me. (note to self: must stop being too predictable) i was then contemplating if i should throw away rm 34.95 for a copy of “the book of laughter and forgetting” by milan kundera. iwan-g took the book off my hand and went; i know + you know you don’t need that book. (yes! cik pms i took that literally as well, i get to save my rm 34.95. yey! )

she doesn’t use the internet recreationally, in plain english, she doesn’t read my blog. the motive behind this statement is to tell you peeps that because she doesn’t read my blog + i’m crap at keeping in touch, i was left with the tedious task of updating her with the happenings in my life + vice versa. at one point of my narration she went, since when did you become a coward?

oii! cowards are necessary laa, for without them courage would soon erode into a trivial, monotonous grind admired by no one. ha! tau takoot. :op

so that’s our iwan-g, though she’s 99.99999% kurang siuman still we love her long time.

anyways, tonite i’m watching “brick”. muz warned this orang tua (that’s what he calls me, spootid boy! no duit raya for you ever! like ever!) that “brick” is psycho-ish but let me see for myself how noir is this film noir. i might even tell you what i think, or not.

have a good week ahead!

baby boom, an update

for them jauh di perantauan + reads my blog, of sha2 + nik imran err nik dino (apa nama dino eh?), just forwarded by dyd. :o)

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Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

to me,
you're always pompuan gila 1.
or pompuan biul teramat.
or akak spastik.
or get the point.

Erra said...

cik pms


look who's talking. only a true biul can smell another biul. said...

*sniff sniff*
mcm mane bau org biul?

im obviously not as biul as u guys.heh.

superdzu said...

eh your friend ada crazy eyes!


selamat hari raya yo!

Erra said...

eleh ... for you to sniff your way here ... you're a biul too ... phewwit!!!


selamat hari raya
mana duit raya?!

bertique said...

hmm .. ada sket serupa.

i guess, one day you akan jadi no 1.


selamat hari raya ke 8.

jamal pak tongkol

Erra said...


ha? serupa? are you blind ... kalo angelina jolie serupa ngan i, ye lah!

tak caya buat silk screen muka kitorang ... minus the hidung features sama siot! ok lah, now i'm the rounder version.


(ha! terdiam semua)

mental muz said...

nah, weggy cannot be perempuan gila no 1 while cpms is still around. in your dreams la weggy.

anyway best kan brick? gagagaga

Erra said...


eh? hanya orang gila akan kata "brick" tu best. "brick" is gila ok much worst than peng!-peng!-peng!-blood.

you psycho, you!

Erra said...

p.s. i like "looking for comedy in the muslim world" ... at first i was sceptical 'cos india + pakistan to represent the whole of muslim world?! ... but the movie is about breakdown of communication + presumptions + 'words misunderstood' anyway.


Mr Hobo said...

erra ... (tak da related to this post langsung sorry ya) ... apasal mamat yang nak jadi PR singapore tu bising ... pi ler dok singapore ... i think they need to enhance depa punya population.

i larat baca one ja ni .... diorang tak cakap melayu .. tak paham

Anonymous said...

hey, those photos of sha2 and nik imran are great. thanx for updating us here! heheh..oh selamat hari raya!


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

anak you ke weggy?
owh bukan. anak orang lain.
you kan tak kawen lagi.


Erra said...

mr hobo

Ha! A conspiracy theory ... the PR for Singapore is actually a Singaporean!!! An old friend hated Singaporeans' guts, eventho he had the tendancy to be kiasu + was educated in Singapore under the ASEAN scholarship. He said in school just because he's a Malaysian, they looked down on him. :op

I haven't read everything myself.


selamat hari raya!

cik pms

asal? lum kahwin maknanya tak de lesen nak ada anak ke?

DydD said...

nik dino = nik Sharifiddin kot? if am not mistakenlar.. :) btw, where's the pictures for me???

ly-d said...

sha2 looks radiant as the new mom.... babies as usual are cute la kann...

dang... skang am like a-hankering to pegang baby lak... 3 months to go... yikes

Erra said...


your kid sure hemsem eh ... book!!!