Wednesday, October 11, 2006

it's still early + i'm knackered

ada apa dengan kereta yo?

our little greenie at home has been working a tad bit too hard of late. thanks to my falling asleep while driving not too long ago. yup! since the accident, ms 22 hasn't been well. it's been in + out of the 'hospital' several times now. obviously, the nagging from my mom hasn't stop. :op

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i'm thinking of getting a new friend for the greenie. at the moment it's just a dream. there's no harm in dreaming right? which is the better choice to bring home do you think?

nissan micra

suzuki swift

ford ka

kia picanto

oh! if i happen to win the british lottery like did, i'd go for one of them babies!

audi tt

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mini one seven, cooper park lane, cooper s checkmate or traveller


ok dah ... back to work!

p.s. don't think i'm driving to kl today, am afraid i may repeat the falling asleep.


NaHLaH said...

oooo *drooling*

mine needs a new friend too. huhuhu. not going in or out of workshop yet, more of trouble for me n imtiyaz to go in n out. hahaha.

itulaa, nak sporty konon. padan muka!!

Erra said...


good morning!

alamak! hmmmmm ... if some miracle were to happen + i suddenly find myself with a family in tow ... i'd be having the same problem as you are with most of the cars on my list ... but then again ... lets continue drooling


ly-d said...

shows how long i've not been blog-prowling.. wegra suda re-blog pun aku teda tahu..

cars.. i would like to be able to repair my dad's morris minor.. (kete mistuh bean).. it's actually quite cute.. and i know kya would go ga-ga (mr bean tu pakwe dia!)

Erra said...


re-blog senyap2 pun ...

meow! you have a morris minor ly-d ... my dad sold all his old cars ... we're only left with a volvo ala ala sepet. but it's a manual with the gear thingie on the steering wheel so i kenot drive the car. :op

i think you should do up the morris minor babe!

Erra said...

p.s. since when mr bean menduakan i nih?!?!?!?!?!

ly-d said...

ker austin mini aa?? ala.. abis cite kete mr bean laa..

dulu2 mase zaman bertunang.. ade pakai.. siap amir modify dia nye boot kete - sumbat speaker besa giler... pas tu pasang cdplayer.. lagu fengtau..besh giler gegah pandan indah/jaya area ... those were the days..

skang kete mr bean tu jadik tukun depan umah.. enjin sgt nazak.. but my dad very de loyally renew the roadtax n insurance

Erra said...

ha ah laaa ... austin mini ... waahhhh ... i'm so blur this morning ... :op

bertique said...

i vote for - suzuki swift!

kalaer itam, suits u. mysterious. plus, kete tuh best kalau u nak buat drift .. cuma, according to some friends yg ada kete tuh, passenger sit yg kat belakang tuh a bit sempit la ..

err kenari .. satria neo tak termasuk dlm list u ker? hmm kelmarin pak lah kata "beri keutamaan pada barangan buatan malaysia ;)"


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

i pun nak kawan baru... :(

eh, kereta baru. kawan laks.


Erra said...


black? kalo suzuki swift i was thinking of orange or grey. i tak buat drift, bahaya sebab tak pandai, i fly je on the road. :op

*garu kepala*

satria neo i can accept kot the design. the cutest malaysian car kelisa. yang lain hurmmmmm ...

Erra said...

p.s. zeeks, i switched off my YM takkan nak kawan baru dah?!

bertique said...

oohh hitam tuh represent the mysterious part in u.

orange pun cun gak .. but, i think i vote for kelabu la .. cuma kalau nak sedondon kaler ngan c3 u - oren la .. definitely oren.

biler nak bwak i fly dlm kete baru u tuh?

mental muz said...

i'd go with swift as well. I'm not too keen with 2 doors car and korean car. so out of the 4 it has to be swift. better still, get a jazz!!!!

Erra said...


i mysterious meh?! i tot i'm the blabber all type. :op

this year simpan duit + bayar hutang year, next year beli beli year.

insya allah


i've met jazz, there's no chemistry between us, there was only this silent void, but with swift, ada this unspoken energy brewing, though we haven't been introduced.


hi swift!

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

i'm hurted.
dah la tiena tadak, you pulak go silent on me.

i breakdown kay cam ni.

Erra said...

cik pms

eh girl! i "buzz!!!" berapa juta kali daa in ym ... cam ni i breakdown oso lah


eh ... nissan micra cute jugak pe? tadi i saw a 4 doors nissan micra. so nissan micra ke suzuki swift?

Wong Ah Beng said...

susuki suwiffffff!!!
the red one.. said...

i nak breakdown oso...!!

im totally knackered oso.
i mish malaysia oredi lah.:p

go get a red swift babe.cun gilersss..x dpt mini cooper,swift la.x dpt swift,kelisa la.:p

neway u mmg x seswai pakai jazz hokay.jgn beli jazz..eee x seswai giler.i jek seswai pakai one.

jazz + tiena = sexy sexy sekali.:p

mental muz said...

dun listen to tiena. kat penang ni pun i can felt the jelousy punya aura. go jazz!! yeah black is beautiful. get black swift if not jazz. other color tak cun

Erra said...

ah beng

why did you delete your keleta punya post ... you afraid my terompah go flying into your car punya direction izzit for following a wailing ambulance?

led susuki swifff ... have never considered red ... black or led or grey or olen?

eh in jupun-g oso you ken online? phewwit! gi layan si zeekaa tu, she still doesn't understand my cycle ... one moment all warm + close, the next all distant + i-want-my-space-ish

hi zeekaa!


wow! you dah study to that extent ek?


mummy-o said...

go jazz, go swift! Eh, micra oso cute wat. Come to think of it, get the mini lah..hehe

hi cik pms!

Erra said...


get a mini?! austin mini can lah but kene tukar jadi auto, ken o not? :op

Anonymous said...

i just sold my 6 years old ride for something bigger.

sorry to hear about your accident, glad you're ok.

Erra said...


ofkos for something bigger ... you've got a new addition to your family. soon!