Wednesday, January 31, 2007

strange + beautiful

thanks to youtube i'm falling in love with aqualung all over again. to many, his songs may be a tad bit too whiney but i reckon they are beautiful, in their own way.

'strange & beautiful' by aqualung

enjoy the music + have a good day off

oh ya! anyone for gwen stefani + kanye west?

p.s. boyz ii men's (not men ii gramps, tiena) stuff has got to wait, i've not downloaded them, sorry.


cikPijah said...

menIIgramps! hahahaha... best ah tiena!

wegra said...


sungguh berani anda gelak @ the die hard fan sphere?!

Gravt Kills said...

i like

wegra said...

gravt kills

you like? what do you like?