Wednesday, November 01, 2006

they'll catch up with you

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i hate it when they take my blood. apparently, i have low blood pressure/anaemic, so it'll take forever to fill the syringe. this morning, i had another round. lucky my veins are now back fat + juicy, otherwise they’ll poke + miss + poke + miss + i’ll end up with an ugly lebam. yucks!

you know, when you’re young you think you’re immortal, you’re invincible. well, i did. i thought i was a superwoman. i though i was strong. i really pushed myself hard to the point my body couldn’t take it, i went into a haemorrhage. i was still mentally ok then + i presumed it was my period, one of those heavy days, i went around running errands. four hours later i collapsed + realised i was haemorrhaging, excitedly submitted myself to the thought of experiencing my own er episode, i was a big fan then. hehe!

nobody knew i was in the hospital, not even my parents. but the ex factor found out + came crying next to my bed. a note to everyone: don’t cry when visiting an unconscious person in the hospital! though i was unconscious, i could hear him cry + feel his tears, i panicked thinking i’m going to die. oh! he didn’t know i knew. :op

anyways, the hospital wanted to do a 3 bag blood transfusion but my body rejected the o -ve, my chest went all tight, i had a hard time breathing. finally, they decided to put me on iron tablets. i was supposed to do a 3 months course + see my gp regularly, so that he could assess if i need to continue, change + stop my medication. after a month i felt fine + decided on my own to discontinue my iron tablets, business went as usual.

i guess now, my decision then is catching up with me. i’m now wiser to know i shouldn’t ignore but manage.

y’all, learn from this as well: manage, don't ignore.

p.s. sapa o –ve sila donate blood to our blood bank, o –ve is rare + universal donor, preferred for babies + accident victims (kalo tak cukup amal, let our blood do the amal by saving people) but o -ve can only amek o –ve, right? cheh!

p.s. me emo reading stupe's letter on his blog to his ryan. go read!


widz said...

used to be a regular donor, then got pregnant :P

mine's O +ve though, O+ve people are everywhere, boleh tolong tambahkan 2-3 baldi :)

Erra said...


chet! i ken help you but you kenot help me. asal laks wa 0 -ve ni, mesti silap baca! anyways, i've been excused from blood donating. yey!

cuti! cuti! said...

i B +ve.anyway take gud care,babe!
haa moh g mkn nasi kandaq lauk kambing kasi naik sket bp tu.:p

Erra said...

ni sorang lagi i ken helpchu but you kenot help me.


eh? nasi kandar + nasi briani apa beza?

muz [crossover from idle ym]

oii!!! gi check your blood type, tiena pun tahu her blood type ok ... tak macho laa cam ni ...

mental muz said...

for all my macho looks i actually afraid of the needle, sad i know. tsk tsk tsk =(

Erra said...


eeEeeEEee ... tang mana yang macho pun tak tau


hani said...

saya punya O rhesus positive... used to donate regularly jugerk last time...

Erra said...


macam widie O +ve

widz said...

O type ppl very murah hati, tak berkira, see we can donate to (almost) everybody :P

O type ppl also somewhat memilih, can only receive O blood.. nasib baik majority are O.. am i right?

Erra said...


hahahaha ... precisely, we are murah hati yet memilih ... but can i receive O +ve? tak leh right? i still have to find an O -ve donor.

man, extremely memilih.

Desparil said...

i knew i was O but wasn't sure +ve or -ve. just checked... i'm positive.

p/s- when i was a kid, i had low bp. one advise given by my doc was to exercise more. now my bp normal la. not sure whether it's related though.

Erra said...


you oso belong to the murah hati clan!

p.s. i think this comment box can be a reference for peeps to find suitable blood donors :op

Anonymous said...

absolutely love the photos especially the cat in the dress! mane dapat? nway, taiping is my hometown it...ever went to doli's?? heheh


NaHLaH said...

i'm excused from donating blood as well :P am a thalassemia minor so have to be very berkira with my blood. :D don't count on me peeps!!