Thursday, November 30, 2006

former drivaholic gibber incoherently

i drive with my head sticking out a bit these days, not so that i can get a better view ahead, but so that i will fit in the part of being a tortoise. since i have to drive like one i thought i might as well act like one, to entertain myself as i drive on them nasty roads of bandaraya kuala lumpur and the newly conferred bandaraya petaling jaya, oh! and certain parts of daerah subang jaya too ... you know, the sunway-puchong bit. oh! driving out of kl on a friday, is like driving up to taiping. yucks!

not that i'm old but when i was younger, just slightly younger since i'm still young, i used to love driving. i'd jump to every opportunity to drive, even to carrefour. i wouldn't mind driving hefle home in taman kosas, ampang after a night out of cucuk langit + later cross kl again to get home in subang jaya. i even volunteered to pick a group of friends from ttdi, drove up to seremban, a few hours later back to ttdi + home. oh ya! on that trip, i was doing a 160+ when i realised that there was a police patrol car behind me, and i bimboly asked my friends, "what's the speed limit again?". like d'uh! and of course, i was my mom's supir kehormat, from taiping to kota bahru to johor bahru; i've ventured into them terrains. was, since now there's choices: my sister, bibots, + my brother, wawan (his flight schedule is not as tight as before), well, we take turns.

so, have i stressed enough how i used to love driving?

today, i'd drag myself into the car even when the destination is pasaraya viran, which is parallel to mamak bistro.

why am i babbling about driving? i don't know, probably because i'd be driving in a bit, but the motor trade industry is currently not doing well, they had projected a 6% contraction in the industry. recently at a wedding, auntie aishah had told us at the table, there's actually a contraction of 10% and proton is badly hit. of course, bubble of clouds started emerging around me + i went into my little micro + macro economics theorem adventure.

i'm not going to tell the government through this blog what they should or should not do. instead, i'll just continue to positively decipher their policies + spending decisions + programmes. remember the star's warning: "bloggers beware!". well, wierd things are happening within the 'administrative department'. i don't want to end up in tomorrow's headline with evidence that i murdered someone. not that i think that someone might think i'd be a threat to them. come on, a walking oxymoron like myself? if i catwalk past them big gun 1,000 times, they wouldn't even noticed, and that with my plunging neckline.

by the way, don't believe everything you read in the newspapers. an nst reporter once mentioned, two things you can trust in the newspapers are waktu sembahyang + nombor ekor. do you know what the 2005 national library study reported? malaysians read two books a year, less than seven pages a day. if we're not going to improve the statistics, just make sure we maintain the figures. though i said we shouldn't take everything from the newspapers as true, that doesn't mean we should stop reading the newspapers.

researchers from newcastle university found green and black tea help improve your memory. bottled tea such as teh botol, on the other hand, are normally sugar rich. another research from the usa showed adults with hobbies that exercise their brains - such as reading, jigsaw puzzles or chess - are 2.5 times less likely to have alzheimer's disease, while leisure limited to tv watching may increase the risk.

it's time to brew your own tea + sit back to a good read, with shiela majid in the background.

have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

hmm betul tuh. tapi, ada beza ke?? depa penat2 kluarkan research, ada ke org malaysia baca? hehe

menda2 nih baik kluarkan kan mangga, urtv, nona et al.

kalau pasal menda2 makanan otak nih org malaysia tak la baca sgt, tapi kalau tentang mawi bercinta, mawi pindah umah, ina kawin ngan usop sontorian, erra fazira kawin ngan azwan harus la paling top meletop!

bosannya ..

Erra said...


they probably keluarkan the research to measure where we are, we do anything about it or otherwise, that's entirely a different story

emi said...

emi masih suke drive...bile sewa kete kat sini...hehs..jarang drive la katakan...

azyze gomez said...

this is totally out of topic, but I couldn't help it. I have to tell you that:

I made a double when I saw your fav albums coz lo and behold, i have each and every one of them too!

whoa, that was like, amazing...


Anonymous said...

itu yg tak bestkan .. it's becoming worthless la, patutnya mana yg penting tuh sesama la kita ambil iktibar - tukar apa yg patut kan ..

mungkin juga kita mmg hidup dlm denial mode tak u? org ckp menda yg betul, kita kata tidak .. org tegur, kita ckp depa cemburu ..

bilalah kita nak berubah sket kan ;). tak byk, sket punya jadilah ..

Erra said...


drive kat sana best, drivers pleasant ... senyum2, bagi jalan, hai + hoi.

azyze gomez

that's interesting

*zooms to azyze gomez's blog*


you nak sapa berubah ni?

ting! ting! ting!

you should never expect or insist another person to change ... you hold the key, are you going to accept them as they are or are you going to make a big deal out of everything they do. ha!

Anonymous said...

i used to lurrrrrve drivin too.these days i prefer to have incik supir to drive me around.heh heh :p

Erra said...

i like your enche supir ... he got me home in time for the big bomb!!


azyze gomes

doing a double take

you're telling me you've got baduism??? that's rare ... now i'm curious ... siapa kah anda?

Anonymous said...

i know azyze gomez.
dia keje sebagai bra model.
betul tak tipu.

Erra said...

cik pms


mental muz said...

driving is fun, kalau takde jammed la. hehehe

wow now even models hang out at weggy's blog. did u mention to them i'm your friend ke tak? wahahaha

Erra said...


pasai heavy traffic + gangho drivers wa tarra suka drive

ape diye? you're my friend ke? how come i donch know? (keh! keh! keh!)