Tuesday, April 03, 2007

and it all falls down

small prints: the picture was songlap-ed without permission from a friend turned reuters photographer; nadia

i've got a short concentration span + i get bored easily. in my world things are ephemeral; i'll get all passionate about one thing + the next thing you know i'd be trying something new.

i dump junks into my blog, i think because i've lost interest.

i no longer carry my digital camera around in my handbag, i think because the pictures produced no longer surprise me.

i'm in dire need of a new 'toy boy'.

a new item on my wish list:

oh ya! if you're thinking of buying dina zaman's 'i am muslim', please do. i love the playfulness in her writing + the typo errors growing in number as you approach the final page are forgivable.

have a good day!


cikPijah said...

Ring around the rosies
A pocket full of posies;
Ashes, Ashes
All fall down

lagu sama tak? :p

wegra said...



lagu ong puteh mana tu?


n|ns said...

hi wegz!! :)

Gravt Kills said...

i say go get that new toy boy

wegra said...


hello babe! :o)

gravt kills

i will

i'm not kl 'savvy' ... wouldn't know where to get it here ... kene kirim with my brother


Stupe said...

get a bicycle...that toy boy will give you more joy.

wegra said...



errr ... i think it'll give me a heart attack ... i'd worry about kene langgar kereta or bus or lorry even