Monday, April 30, 2007

peculiar saturday

saturday evening, i took off early from work (work ends at 10:30 pm).

mummy-o's daddy-o + myself went wedding crashing in kl convention centre.

on the way to the wedding, he mentioned wanting to promote me at the wedding + instantaneously i had rings on the strategic fingers (wedding band patut kat which hand eh?).

"hi! are you ninie's friends?"


"are you dennis's friends?"

"no ... we're actually wedding crashers"

we were open about who we were at the wedding but people seemed not to believe us, assuming that we were trying to be funny (and failed).

as usual, i didn't bring my camera. our tablemates went busy taking our pictures though + told us that they'll upload the pictures onto their myspace (probably, they finally believed our claim). unfortunately, we didn't bother finding out their myspace url (do tell if you stumble upon the pictures).

nonetheless, it was a beautiful wedding, with killer dessert; i devoured two + 1/2 plates.

later that evening, daddy-o suggested karaoke. initially, we wanted to con mummy-o, telling her that we brought along our club wear + were planning to go clubbing after. unfortunately, mummy-o was better prepared. mummy-o + e-shak came in their tee + jeans, whilst daddy-o was stuck in his suit + i in my kebaya.

daddy-o brought us to this dodgy karaoke gig in yow chuan plaza i didn't know existed. the place was so dodgy that we had to witness a fight between two people + their slaggings included "gangster kampung pisang", upon which we had to sniffle our giggle.

i was excited about the karaoke session, thinking it's time for me to shine but i fell asleep as soon as i sat myself on the seats. i hope i didn't snore. (did i?)

well, i managed to sing two, three lines.

the night ended with me speeding up the ldp from kota damansara at 4 am to ...


Anonymous said...

u crashed wedding?seriously?
lenkali ajak i skali okayyy!:p

mental muz said...

to where? to where? tak cool ok biar cerita tergantung (...)

Erra said...


ramai2 bahaya ... conspicuous nanti


pegi mana lagi ... balik rumah ler


Anonymous said...

wasaaap chicken
oooh the dessert..yummyyy!
that gangster kampung pisang was oh so funnykan?
but u falling asleep at the karaoke was even funnier!!

wegro.should have asked em girls for the photos..u think dia uploadkan ke..

till the next wedding we're crashing..iyaaaaa

daddi 0