Friday, April 13, 2007


friday the 13th

he's away backpacking

his guitar dah sampai rumah

his amp dah sampai rumah

are you thinking what i'm thinking?

hint (specifically for cik pms): i wanna be a rockstar!

song for the weekend: good song by blur

have a brilliant weekend!


mental muz said...

how was kanye? i heard the concert sucks? he was late, being rude and stuff? i dont know if its true tho heee said...

hey im back and i wanna be a rokstar too!:p

wegra said...

mental muz

it's mariah carey all over again ... kanye, like mariah were not happy performing in kl

5 songs were removed from his songs list two weeks before his arrival in kl ... i hope the organisers had told him immediately, instead of on arrival ... so, he was only able to deliver three full track, hence him being late on stage + i bet his encore pun kene 'gam', so him having to leave the stage curtly ...

people on bleachers pun duduk diam tak respond ... you ingat seronok ke 1perform, when people are passively sitting down ... like boyz ii men, kanye had to insist the audience to stand up ... and the hall was only half full ... kalo i pun tak de semangat nak perform ...


i main guitar rompak ... you cari table ok?

wegra said...

typo alert

was bukan were


tabla bukan table

mummy-o said...

wegz, have u got another number or sth wrong with the phone? Anyway, bibik nak balik so you still wanna pesan frm her?? Hehe..she asked me (quite a number of times) to inform you... :)

wegra said...


something's wrong with my phone ... selalu sangat perasan boleh terbang

wow! she remembers ... i'll call you in a bit

gravtkills said...

u planning to sell his guitar while he is away?

wegra said...

gravt kills


why can't anyone understand my want to play his guitar + sing + be a rockstar?!?!?!

n|ns said...

wegz n mummy-o,
pesan jamu ke? hehe. have a nice wknd btw!!

wegra said...


barang jauuuuUUUUuuuUUuuuh lagi baik dari jamu


you too! have a good weekend