Thursday, April 05, 2007

placid idiocy

i hate to generalise, but you can always tell a person's personality by the words they use, the photos they capture, the cars they drive, the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, the books they read or don't read and, perhaps, the movies they watch too?

but once again, that's just a generalisation.

here's what i'm really trying to say - if we don't want to define ourselves by things as superficial as our appearences, we're stuck with the revolting alternative of being judged by our actions; by what we do.

which is another type of generalisation.

there are the issues of good and evil as well.

murder is evil, stopping your car to let a pedestrian cross at the zebra crossing is good. if either of these statements are news to you, you should log off your pc, grab your car keys, go to the nearest police station and turn yourself in. they'll know what to do with you there.


however, i wish to deal with a smaller issue. i mean what's the point of risking a brain damage over the big issues, right? so lets sweat over the small stuff, shall we?

i want to blabber about something which is neither good nor evil but by which we judge ourselves anyway. the little things we do and the countless situations we find ourselves in that conspire to make us feel like fools.

am i familiar with the feeling of idiocy?

if i had one sen for every time i felt like an idiot, i'd be filthy rich! but i bet i'd be too embarrased to open an account for my 'idiot money', let alone spend it (someone's bound to ask, how did you manage to get that many one sen + i'll have to spill, mama kata tipu berdosa).

if i were to spend it, say to buy a luxury item like a house in the sexy bukit jelutong township or an armanee tarrace appartment worth RM 700,000 cash, i'd have to carry about 70 million pieces of one sen + that would make me feel even more like an idiot (i bet it'll be news worthy, i bet it'd be on the front page of our tabloid-ish broadsheets). though the good news is i'd get another sen for it. this could be a moot point.


what's the gibber on idiocy all about? well, i'm getting there ...

i was walking towards my car in one utama's carpark over the weekend when a sleek Mecedes-Benz CLS 350 caught my eyes, the design went searing through my soul. i glided softly, somewhat slowly over the car, eyeing every tiny details of the design. it's been a while since i've seen anything that handsome.


ok lah, i confess i accidentally walked into a moving car.

to the shell shocked driver + his young family, especially the crying baby, "my bad ... all apologies".

(no, i didn't dent myself)

oh ya! i shared the accident with tiena + cik pms on tuesday expecting some sort of belas kasihan, they stared blankly at me + tiena added that's expected out of me.

huh?! some friends i have ...

(note to self: in a situation like such, add a dash of drama, like pretend to pengsan or exaggerate on a non existing pain, to reap empathy from others)


The Momster said...

hahahahaha... i wished it was my car u langgar!! :P

cHikAnoZ said...

oh god.. how the hell.. well hopefully next time don't dush into some guys pulak.

TunaTurner said...

placid indeed.;)

elly said...

alamaks!!! camane tu??! hehehe

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

kan dah kata dah..
kena pretend2 pengsang, baru la saucy..


Anonymous said...


if it were your car with imtiyaz inside ... nanti he'll get all phobia with me ... habis lah ... your potential babysitter gone


hmmmmm ... that's be interesting



oooOOoooOOOoo ... placid yer?


tu laa pasal ... nasib baik the car was moving slowly + i langgar the pintu

cik pms

tak biasa laa buat drama laik dat ... i'll berguru with yew!

Anonymous said...

allah ... typo error at my response to chikanoz chop!

it should have been

"hmmmmm ... that'll be interesting"

(susah tul ramai 'editors' reading my blog)