Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i'm not handicapped yo!

apparently, one fine day ...

daddy-o: arina, bunyi cow macam mana?
arina: mooo

daddy-o: bunyi dog?
arina: uf uf

daddy-o: bunyi cat?
arina: meow

daddy-o: bunyi monkey?
arina: uk uk

daddy-o: bunyi daddy macam mana?
arina: yo, what's up!

right ... daddy-o belongs to the 'animal kingdom' eh? :op

i'm easily excited over small details ...

at widie's, it was her massive covered balcony/terrace and her kitchen; i even imagined widie having a dining table at the balcony/terrace + having guests over for dinner party with candle scattered all over (kuat berangan minah ni rupa2nya).

at nor + man's, it was the fact that man used black plastic food cover (tudung saji) as outdoor lamp shades at the terrace, the pictures adorning the wall leading to their second floor. apparently, daddy-o is into gardening ... oits! bila nak start gardening ni?

at razz + riz's, it was their wall colour scheme, their comfy dining set and the whole township.

at izan + hash's, it was the reception area leading up to the apartments.

so jai + jam had a house warming in conjunction with jud's first birthday, (jam a.k.a. clock is trained an architect) you imagine my jakun-ness stepping into their crib for the first time ... i have one word, aesthetic. their house is a shrine to quirkiness, simplicity and functional minimalism.

i love the fact that the wall separating the two entrance into the kitchen and dining room was filled with a sticker mural of their two kids standing at a traditional kampung house window. i love the unfinished finish. i love the marriage of malay wood ukiran into the modern interior. i even went excited when i saw the clock hanging in their dining hall. stylo ok! :op

if you need an interior designer, i'd highly recommend jam a.k.a. clock. no, i don't charge introduction fee.

(note to self: take more pictures of your friends, not their kids!)

on a serious note, a junior from school pointed our in her blog that wong chun wai wrote in his column, asking the people of ijok to vote for barisan nasional:

As we wait to celebrate the country’s national day, the people of Ijok should vote for Parthiban, not because he is an Indian or a Malay, but because he is a Malaysian. Likewise, no one should be voting for Khalid because he is a Malay as it would be a seriously unhealthy political trend.

adeh ... deh ... deh ... so, do you understand why i've never been inspired to register to cast my votes dalam arena pilihanraya. in the past, when i vote for someone, i'll vote for a person who i believe can deliver and fights for what i believe in bukan pasal skin colour.

esok cuti ke? kalo cuti, happy cuti!


Anonymous said...

esok keje.jumaat pon keje.sabtu pon keje jugak.uwaaaaa....:((

Desparil said...

undilah pundak!

Anonymous said...

now i'm kompius ... which thursday is the public holiday thursday that i'm supposed to go to this garden party pakai baju kebangsaan penuh?


the thought of pundak ... makes me want to vote for ... errr ... errr ... BN? (mana lagi political party yang leh percaya ni?)

Desparil said...

undilah pundak untuk kesejahteraan kita semua!


The Momster said...

i was impressed jugak with jai's house... cun giler!!

ooppss...!! my nephew would go "tak baik cakap giler".

Anonymous said...


aight des!


giler babas ok!

(lucky tak de kids around me, i can still use 'giler' or 'poo poo' or 'pig')

Anonymous said...

she goes like "wazaaaaaa" (ngan jari2 skali ok!)
seriously..i tak ajar dia pun..
yeah i do belong to the animal thats slowly depleting.wahahahaha
c u tmrw wegro!


Anonymous said...


oits! kids that age are not that creative yet. they are the biggest copycats.


see you @ razz + riz nyer crib this weekend!