Tuesday, April 10, 2007

my dome is where fate is

bapak had his children’s life planned out, he wanted us to be professionals; an accountant, an engineer, a doctor and a lawyer. well, the ‘accountant’ negotiated for the cheapest ‘professional’ degree course because times were uncertain when she was going to university. otherwise, it was architecture, which would cost a bomb.

some of you would know that the older three digressed away from his plan at one point or another. my youngest sister is the only one still studying; his hope.

recently, bapak asked if my sister is planning to practice law. my sister answered no and gave her justifications; the last being going to the bar in london would cost 10 thousand quid.

bapak, defeated, went, “pegi je to the bar in london ... minum”.


dapat green light minum!!!

anyways, since demam kanYe tak habis lagi, i leave you with ...

brand new rhymefest feat kanYe west


zuhri said...

hello weggie, how're you? gi bar, minum kopi aje tau...hehehehe

n|ns said...

huih sporting giler bapak!! :D

ti.e.na said...

hye bapak..jom errr,minum?:p

weggy,jom nofx!(support ur local fren's project):p

Stupe said...

which bar?

fruit juice bar ke?

mummy-o said...

wo.. serius ka??


wegra said...


errr ... bar mana ni? setahu i masa kat student union bar, kitorang tak serve kopi



diye tahu anak diye tak berani buat



are you sure you ajak bapak ... err ... minum?



which bar, i oso not sure ... fruit juice bar can ... you belanja!


my dad said that serious ... he meant it ke gurau, i donch know ... tapi he's good at buat lawak muka sposen

Stupe said...

fruit juice come over to my place.

i will mix in all the vege and fruits i have in frdge for one mug of vitamins and macro nutrients...

wegra said...





anisism said...

sape yang hingin nak buat architorture?!

baik pegi bar!

Gravt Kills said...

cool bapak

agus said...

brilliant ba(r)pak!

Kita minum dulu... I nak susu, perisa irish cream pls...

wegra said...


aik? kata dah gi vietnam ... anyways, i'll do hanoi next month ... woohoo!!!

jom gi bar ... ruums yok!!!

gravt kills

ikoot angin ...


lets jom!!!!

lets have one shot of everything