Friday, April 27, 2007

and the world will live as one

imagine - john lennon

blake lewis is my idol!

i'm working this weekend. we're holding a charity bazaar outside cineleisure for orang asli kids education fund.

if you're feeling generous, do drop by. if you want to avoid me, skip the curve this weekend. :op

things to do this weekend ...

make your way to kl international book fair 2007 ... a cambridge graduate launched his novel titled 'pulang' or something like that :op ... a fiction based on true accounts of norita shamsudin's case ... it'll be in bookstores from july but you can buy them immediately at the book fair

if you wish to do some voluntary work ... zoo negara is celebrating earth day with the theme 'Conserving the Natural Heritage at Zoo Negara' ... there'll be a big ass gotong royong on Sunday, 29/04/2007 which i'll have to miss, thanks to the curve

if arts is your thing, i recommend "EYE-llusion" @ wei-ling gallery this saturday ... i ske chin kong yee's vibrant colours

anyways, have a brilliant weekend!


gus said...

Merlinda performs less than impressively of late. I hope she picks up. Surprisingly, Phil is full steam ahead!
Idol gives back was emotionally inspiring last night.

Oh, I'll be at the curve; no reason to avoid you. Just make sure you have one of them native's headgear, and maybe the traditional costumes. I have a feeling I'm gonna go nuts with dressing up (and posing) as an orang asli this weekend. That would give a heck of digital shots.

Anonymous said...


the press are going to be there ... tv3 especially ... feel free to dress up as orang asli ... kompem they'll air pictures of you

he he he

i on the other hand will be in my jeans + trainers ... will be running around like a mad woman.

see ya!

TriStupe said...

I love oldies.

lennon's song is good...

won't be around this weekend la. *nasib baik no need find excuse*

Erra said...


he he

you're off to participate another competition, i pressume

Anonymous said...

somebody wrote a book about ur sister?ice-cold cool....;)

PiN(u/a)Ts said...

blake? why blake? i tot chris more better than blake.. hehehe..

hi girl!.... it's me again!!!

Erra said...


oOOOooOOOooOOooo ... balik mesia senyap2 ye?!

anyways, tolong gigit pipi allya for me, thanks!

and blake is my man, you nak minat chris ... i'm happier!


Erra said...


i was being cynical