Tuesday, April 17, 2007

NoFX live in kuala lumpur

About NoFX

NOFX is a punk band from San Francisco, California, United States, formed in 1983 in Los Angeles.

The original lineup included singer/bassist Fat Mike (Mike Burkett), drummer Erik Sandin, and guitarist Eric Melvin. Since 1991 (and after several line-up changes) El Hefe (real name Aaron Abeyta) has played second guitar and trumpet. The band's sound is diverse, utilising elements of punk, hardcore punk, ska, and other music genres. Their lyrics generally satirise issues such as politics, society, various subcultures, racism, the music industry, and religion.

NOFX has released 10 studio full lengths, 10 EPs, and many 7" singles. The group has sold over 6 million records worldwide, and is one of the most successful independent bands of all time.

if you're into punk rock, you should not miss the gig

if you're an arden fan of the simpsons, you should not miss the gig

if you 'love' president bush (like i do), you should not miss the gig

if you're working around klcc, instead of battling the traffic, do make your way to ruums after work this thursday

tickets are priced at RM 75 + are available at the door. the door opens from 5:30 pm. if you need further details, call zeekaa at her mobile 019.600.7813 or e-mail her at zeekaa@gmail.com

hope to see you thurday evening!

i leave you with 'franco un-american'

and snippets from 'the simpsons' featuring no fx

p.s. i donch lobe yew anymore

astaghfirullah al azim ... before peeps accidentally stumble upon my goofy pictures ... let me own up to them ... of us, on widie's blog ...
you can blame the above on star boys ... apa khabar mamat tu?
does anyone remember how does our kawad polis gila go?

i recommend all of us meet up at the 1st may 2007 do, lets keluarkan all the going to 12 years suppressed perangai bebudak. eleh! i know you want to ... don't be shy! :op


zuhri said...

*sigh* signs of old - the name of current hit rock band sounds to me like a radio station

wegra said...


probably the name does sound like one


ti.e.na said...

all i have to do to identify u in those pics is to look out for the most noticeable nipples,eh i mean dimples.(lawak ct nurhaliza) :p

wegra said...



you know i think in images ... now i have 2 pictures in my head fighting for my attention


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

thanks babe.
penat giler nih. duk lari cam lipas kudung. remind me not to do this i'm-your-friendly-mobile-ticketing-gal gig no more.

see you in hartamas ! *refer email.

zezz said...

alahai...not u too!

next up ni mesti ly-d pulak!

wegra said...

cik pms

ntah you nih ... kanYe organisers pun tak buat cam tu ... len kali have area 'agents' ... i jaga subang jaya ... tiena jaga USJ ... you jaga shah alam



watch this space ... more coming your way


cikPijah said...

wegs! i pun ada baju kurung kaler biru camtu long taimmm agoo :p

gravtkills said...

so was yr shoe the shiniest of them all?

wegra said...


chuuUUUuuUUuun apa batik design back then ... we've got good taste arr laik that since looOOoooOOoooOOooOOooOOoong taim ago ... hehe! (nak cakap apa lagi, dah sendiri pilih kain)

gravt kills


thanks for reminding me ... not only the shoes need polishing ... the buttons, the crest, the belt buckle ... all done under watchful eyes of miss vicky

mummy-o said...


why la?? whyyyyy??


wegra said...


dah everyone busy reminiscing ... i had no choice but to jump onto the boat

there's more coming ...


agus said...

I see you bebeh... shakin' that ass X2

I have to pass on NOFX. Didn't hear them back then. I'll give the recomended songs a listen soon as I've downloaded them.

Meanwhile, kita minum dulu.

wegra said...



the last time i saw you, you were *toot* *toot* *toot* *toooOOOoooOOoooOOoot*

hang on ... nak gi minum air jenis apa ni?

mental muz said...

weh gile cun kadet polis pakai skirt yum yummmm

wegra said...


patut laa your era cadets kene pakai suar ... ade ke yum yummmm?!