Monday, April 16, 2007

cómo estás?

'besame mucho' by the brilliant cesaria avora

a corner is an intriguing element
it is not nearly the equivalent of a crossroad
yet in many ways, it is far more suggestive than one
it marks a nodal junction
it lends to a termination
it presents a beginning
and the turn around the corner extends itself

a corner is a contradiction
it may encompass as much as the above
or it may simply, just disappear around the bend

happy monday!


lets celebrate a friend's success, shall we?

we were there: nadd, razz, arianna, razz's sisters, razz's in laws + myself. riz was all jittery + fidgety on stage, he shouldn't be because sms votes had been casted; he won!

sapa yang belum congratulate them, please do so now. thank you.

as usual, these images were songlap-ed without permission from Nadd ... she didn't post the picture i took of her, probably sebab tak lawa. :o(

this is the most expensive picture ... i present to you ... the spacing out effect ... teehehehe!


Anonymous said...

u cannot be happy on's mundane monday >.<

gravtkills said...

nie demam besame mucho sebab sanjaya ka?

Anonymous said...

monday is my favourite day of the week, it marks the beginning

i like being reminded of the feeling when we're begining something new, all roaring to go



someone just told me that he sang the song last week ... no, it wasn't sanjaya causing the demam ... i've heard the song banyak kali but a movie 'sueno' made me fall in lobe with the song

elly said...

wah!! tera riz!!
congrats raz n riz!!!! kena la congrats the woman behind the man kan??!

cute sgt arianna!!!

nadio said...

bukan tak cun la...banyak sangat nak letak haha...the rest of the pics are in my picasaweb for u to check out!

Anonymous said...


kan???? nasib baik razz cool + let riz have his space to grow ... kalo some other wifey, dah kene perintah berkurung kot


hehe ... peace!

psst! has the 'fan' made contact?