Monday, April 23, 2007

there comes a time when everyone must fly

remember them?

they got engaged over the weekend, to be married in june. a whirl wind romance, it was love at first sight.

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remember them?

they were awesome, they rocked the hall. it was the best gig i had in malaysia after black eyed peas (sorry), even kanye failed to match up. we boogied to their ska + i sang along to three songs i apparently know. i thought i picked them songs up from my school days but they were recent songs. so it has to be from recent acquaintances.

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tiena objected to my deleting of the earlier post.

so yeah ... i’m not battling anyone, period.

certainly not the two a dear friend is doing battle with ... though i have to thank one of them for thinking that i was high on weed. i had a great laugh! it was ice cream overdose + sleepiness. i don’t hate them though but if they want to hate me that is fine with me.

and yeah ... i don’t see the point of the fight to show who is more superior ... secondary school was like yonks ago. if you are the first to come out with an album, i’ll cheer for your success. if the boys are to come out with an album before you, i’ll cheer for them as well but fret not, i will not jeer at you.

why did i delete the post?

it’s too petty, too puerile. i felt like slapping myself hard after reading it. :op

true, being involved in social work depresses me; sometimes i think staying ignorant is best.

runaway love – ludacris feat mary j blidge


mummy-o said...

what previous post? What did i missed??!

Cute couple! I luv the photo..Was that by emi?!

wegra said...


he he

itu imran laa ... you know my cousin right ... and his asma ... bukan emi ... imran's got good eyes as well

Anonymous said...

Very flattered that you would use my name to start of a passage of

Yes, you are still everywhere.



wegra said...


hey you

i've not forgotten my friends laa

nehhh ... i've long slowed down

anyways, you take care ya!

Stupe said...

ini posting emo ke nie? time of the month?

wegra said...


yes ... time of the month


gravtkills said...

u buat stage dive tak?

wegra said...

gravt kills

i did masa tengok korn in manchester ... here ... i donch trust the men

:op said...

u did??arrr,jeles nye!
and yeah,here kenot do lah.kenot trust the men here.:p

wegra said...


zaman muda remaja maa + it was during the exam week, so no one from university that i know was there except for the ex factor maka berani lah

lucky i passed my second year microeconomics


Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

i tak sempat baca pun-g!!

nak baca emo post jugak !!

wegra said...

cik pms

asal tak baca?!?!?!?!

nasib hang lah ...