Thursday, January 18, 2007

this is my confession

now that i've discovered i'm not alone, there are quite a number of you like me out there, i'll confess...

some weekends ago i got home at 10ish in the morning after a night of berkampung sakan in the office. everyone had gone out, so i went walking around the house thinking of something to do. i was playing with my phone for a bit, when suddenly an idea struck me. jeng! jeng! jeng!

i did another round of checking the rooms, making sure no one's at home. i even locked the cats + kittens in their cage. positive that i've secured the parameters, i tip toed into my room and shut the door.

i stared at my mobile phone for a while, pulling my courage to do it.

it being? another ... jeng! jeng! jeng!

... i pressed the video cam button ...

... i pressed the capture button ...

patah sayap bertongkat dagu
(demmit! lupa lyrics)
la la la laaa la la la laaaAAa laa

i went laughing like a mad hyena at 'play'.

impressed with my hidden talent, i recorded one song after another, from shiela majid's 'antara anyer dan jakarta' to britney spears's 'toxic' (yeah! shoot me), from p ramlee's 'bunyi guitar' to justin timberlake's 'my love'.

then there had to be an interruption laa kan ... it was a text message from anis, which had read - *yawn*


talking about shattered dream...

anyways, i recommend you check this band out - 'we are scientists' (keith!!!! i love you!!!! you're so hot!!!!). if they can produce an album + tour the states + the uk, so can we. :op

'end of the road' cover by we are scientists

don't forget to have fun this weekend ya!


Allya said...

HAHAHAHA!! I DO THE SAME SOMETIMES TOO! When Shazlan has gone off to work and housemate has gone off to Uni! Guess this is how we the CTC products spend our free time... eh ye ke? Let's ask the rest... Izan? Iwan?

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

upload la suara you yang merdu tu.
we'll be the judge, fit for msian idol or not.


see you tonite babe!

p/s: gimme a buzz, i ingat nak hitch a ride from the KJ studio from you lah. can ah? we lepak see them jam first, then kita party lah.

Erra said...


alamak! kompem i'm not wierd ... maybe we're one of the cool ones. :op

iwan-g high probability ... tapi izan sober ok, do you think she's capable?

cik pms

cemana nak upload kat sini ... tak reti ... kalo dah mebbe dah upload dengan bangga nyer ... sebagai hiburan. :op

yey! party!!! said...

weggy:one tub of ben&jerry.
zeek:one large pizza.


cHikAnoZ said...

that sound fun to do. perhaps i should try doing it. ;)
have a good weekend.

Maryam Samirah said...


baik bosh


hahahahaha! share with us your singing ya?

you too, have a good weekend.

n|ns said...

make sure the fon doesn't fall into the wrong hands!! hehe.

Erra said...


ayoh! i'll make sure i chain it to my neck lah!

widz said...

i won't waste my phone memory on recording boyz II men now that I have weggy sitting beside me nsinging during the show.. miahaahahahah

Erra said...


as long as there's no youtube-ing involved, i'll allow

preng! <- bunyi piano

la la la la la la la
la la

zezz said...

whaddaheck! forget genting, private *cheap* concert mana2 can what? hehe

Erra said...


i've been secretly doing cheap concerts whenever i hear songs i like.

lets make one in genting! :op