Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ne me quitte pas

character is like a tea bag- you never know how strong it is until it gets in hot water

the side of me not many would know - i listen to nina simone (yeah! booOOOooring). i like her version of jacques brel's 'ne me quitte pas'. i do agree that brel sang the song with more passion, emotion but simone's has got that 'class' in her delivery. (ok! please don't shoot me! i'm merely sharing my humble opinion)

if you're in a melancholy mood, this song is the perfect song to listen to. if you're not, it will make you wistful. :op

'ne me quitte pas' by nina simone

why 'ne me quitte pas' suddenly? i just saw the trailer to yasmin ahmad's mukhsin. it's beautiful, it moved me (it may not be the trailer, perhaps it's just me). you judge ...

mukhsin's trailer

can't wait for 08.03.2007!

p.s. in the movie, mukhsin did the same handwave i like to do. see, tiena + cik pms, i'm so normal! auuwww ... and i'd like to hear adibah noor sing 'jauh jauh' by jimmy boyle again. rindu! she delivered the song hauntingly beautiful, the goose went up the bump, i couldn't sleep that night. is anyone listening to this request? (hint! hint! enche azlan abu hassan) :o)


TunaTurner said...

eh eh kenape mukhsin terangkat naik ke angkasa?:p

neway im so glad there's no amani in dis yasmin's next movie.

Erra said...


sebab ada ufo zooming him up.

huhu! <- bunyi hantu

blog dah siap?

TunaTurner said...

im back!*hint hint* :D

Erra said...